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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Adopt the Calisson Chicken

The Calisson Chicken is one of the many adoptable animals in the game.




Fire Emblem Engage How to Adopt the Calisson Chicken

Fire Emblem Engage features a large roster of adoptable animals, with the Calisson Chicken being one of them.

These animals can all be adopted and taken into your Farmyard in the Somniel.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can adopt the Calisson Chicken in particular.

How to Adopt the Calisson Chicken in Fire Emblem Engage

The process for adopting all animals is relatively straightforward, but it has some prerequisites.

First off, you’ll need to progress the story up until you complete Chapter 4. At this point, you’ll get an on-screen prompt informing you that you can now adopt animals.

Animals are found on battlefields after a skirmish. Simply walk up to them and press A to adopt.

However, some animals will require a bit more work, such as the Calisson Chicken. You’ll need to raise the donation levels of certain regions before you can adopt them.

In the Calisson Chicken’s case, you want to increase the donation level for the Firene region to level 2.

How to Increase the Donation Level

You can increase the Donation Level for any region by interacting with the Bulletin Board in the Café Terrace, found in the Somniel.

How to Increase the Donation Level

The menu will show you how much you need to donate for the next level, what you will earn by leveling up, and how much you’ve already donated.

This menu also shows you which animals will become available for adoption.

In this case, simply choose the Firene region and donate as much as you need to reach Level 2. You’ll now be able to adopt the Calisson Chicken whenever you find it again.

How to Find the Calisson Chicken

How to Find the Calisson Chicken

The first time you found the Calisson Chicken, you likely weren’t prepared and couldn’t adopt it. But now that you have upgraded your Donation Level, all that’s left is finding the Calisson Chicken again.

After each skirmish in the game, you will be able to explore the battlefield. As previously mentioned, this is where you will be able to find and adopt animals.

The Calisson Chicken is found in the Firene region, so simply progress until you are taken to the region again.

After a skirmish in the Firene region, make sure to thoroughly roam the area to find the chicken and adopt it into your farmyard.

Just make sure you have a Donation Level of 2 or higher and you’re all set!

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