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Fire Emblem Engage: Best Skills to Inherit First

Take full advantage of your Emblems by inheriting their best skills.




Fire Emblem Engage Best Skills to Inherit First

Fire Emblem Engage brings an interesting twist to the Fire Emblem formula with the addition of Emblems.

These are characters from previous Fire Emblem games who returned to provide the cast of Engage with powers via Emblem Rings.

On top of just being able to use the Emblems’ powers, units in Fire Emblem Engage can also the Emblems’ skills. This allows units to use the Emblems’ powers even without equipping the Emblem Rings.

Of course, with a large roster of Emblems and skills, it can be pretty overwhelming to understand which skills are the best.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best skills to inherit in the game!

Best Skills to Inherit First in Fire Emblem Engage

To inherit skills, remember that you’ll first need to earn Skill Points or SP.

SP can be obtained pretty naturally by damaging and defeating enemies, using staff abilities, and even training at the Somniel.

Some skirmishes also feature Silver Corrupted enemies which give lots of SP, so keep an eye out for those.

Anyway, let’s now go over some of the best skills to Inherit.

Sigurd’s Canter

Sigurds Canter

Canter is a skill inherited from Sigurd. It costs 1000 SP which is fairly expensive but is very much worth it.

This skill allows a unit to move 2 more spaces after acting. This is useful to put your units farther away from enemies after attacking, allowing hit-and-run tactics, for example.

It can also be used even after healing other units, too. Needless to say, it’s a very versatile and useful skill that will give your unit more options.

Roy’s Advance

Roys Advance

Advance can be inherited from Roy for 500 SP. It allows your unit to move 1 space towards units 2 spaces away and attack.

This is a great skill for units that lack ranged attacks, as it allows them to close the gap and attack when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

It’s worth keeping in mind so that you don’t fall short when trying to attack enemy units.

Ike’s Reposition

Ikes Reposition

Reposition is inherited from Ike for 200 SP. The unit with this skill can move nearby units to the opposite end.

For example, say you have Jade with Fogado standing to her right. If Jade uses Reposition, she can move Fogado to her left.

Since movement can be so limited in Fire Emblem Engage, this skill can greatly help position units to take full advantage of their movement.

For such a low 200 SP cost, it’s a very useful support skill.

Micaiah’s Healing Light

Micaiahs Healing Light

Healing Light can be inherited from Micaiah for 200SP.

When the unit with this skill heals another with a staff, they receive 50% of the amount of healing too. This means the healer gets healed at the same time.

While it has a relatively niche application, this skill is really good for Qi Adepts as they can protect their allies by using Chain Guard, but only when they’re at max HP.

Healing Light should make it easy for them to stay at max HP by also healing their allies.

It might not work for everyone’s playstyle due to its niche, but it can be a big boost to the overall survival of your units. It’s a very low-cost skill, too.

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