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Finding Magic Cores in Summoners War Chronicles

Find Magic Cores using this simple tactic

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Finding Magic Cores in Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War Chronicles presents the player with numerous items within the game that are considered a staple in the RPG genre.

These items help you in your journey and quests to get stronger whether they aid you in dealing damage or help you heal when you’re being swarmed by enemies.

One of these items is the magic core. This item contains faint magic power that is used in magic tech research by novice inventors of Rukurangma.

If you want to easily find them, continue reading this simple guide to finding out how.

Where to Find Magic Cores in Summoners War

Summoners War Chronicles actually has a nifty feature that players can use to find out where items can be farmed. Summoners can simply check the source. To be able to find the area where items can be found.

Where to Find Magic Cores in Summoners War
Image source: Gamersheroes

In this case, Magic Cores can be found visiting these places.

  • Tesca – Sakal Desert and Sokelo Canyon
  • Ayah – Eternal Forst, Glowing Forest, and Paloos

For most players, Tesca is the most accessible one since the Ayah area is only available for higher-level summoners. So your best bet is to visit Sakal Desert and Sokelo Canyon.

Like most resources, Magic cored is dropped by monsters when you eliminate them. Enemies are scattered all throughout the area so you won’t have much trouble finding one that would drop it.

Sakal Desert and Sokelo Canyon
Image source: Gamersheroes

Aimlessly trying to get a magic core drop by defeating random enemies is not a very effective strategy. It’s recommended that you do repeat quests within the area.

This is because players won’t be able to get them frequently due to the item’s inherent rarity.

Conducting your search for Magic cores by doing them in repeat quests will increase your chances of getting in since you will have to eliminate many of them. Frequency increases your chances of acquiring rare items, remember that.

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