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Everything You Need to Know About Combat in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Let’s break down the combat system of Immortals: Fenyx Rising

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Everything You Need to Know About Combat in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Combat is the bread-and-butter feature of every action adventure RPG game. This feature needs to entice the player base in a way that is not too hard, but hard enough to grind or practice.

 The appearance of the combat also needs to look good for the players to keep playing, and its mechanic must be upgraded and awarded to players with superior mechanics. This guide will teach you the basics of combat in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Combat Basics

Immortals: Fenyx Rising’s combat isn’t really that in-depth. However, it does offer a bit of complexity if you’re trying it out for the first time.

To further understand how combat works in this game, we’re going to have a breakdown of its mechanics.

General Mechanics

General Mechanics

Source: Boomstick Gaming

The general combat mechanics of this game is straightforward. If you’ve played similar action-adventure games like assassins creed, you will immediately notice similar elements such as its combat and movement.

One mechanic worth mentioning is enemy-friendly fire. If you correctly position yourself in battles, you will save a bit of your fighting and items. Another thing to note is that interesting opportunities may arise from correct positioning.


This mechanic works similarly to other games. Dodging can give you invisibility frames allowing you to avoid damage from attacks and projectiles. In this game, dodging can also slow down time allowing you to think of your next moves.



Source: Boomstick Gaming

Parrying can generally work on most attacks, allowing you to deal with staggering attacks and stunning the enemy. Make sure to parry attacks to fill your blue bar for the stun to be available. Take advantage of your stunned enemies by unleashing chain attacks to maximize damage.

Keep in mind that attacks that are highlighted in red cannot be stunned, so make sure to dodge them.

Aerial Combat

The Aerial Combat in this game is similar to games like Devil May Cry. But for this game, sticking to the bow will be your best ticket to beating aerial monsters.

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