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EverSoul: Zodiac Constellation Guide

Approach the Zodiac Constellation correctly!




EverSoul Zodiac Constellation Guide 1

In Eversoul, aside from strengthening your character lineups, you must essentially concern yourself with increasing the stats of your units.

In fact, there are different ways how you can increase their stats. There are keepsakes, artifacts, and the zodiacs.

Through this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Zodiac Constellation.

The Zodiac Constellation

The Zodiac Constellation

The Zodiacs in Eversoul are another source of buffs. All 12 different zodiac signs each have their own special power. You will obtain this after unlocking the specific zodiac of your choice.

To unlock these zodiac signs, you will be required to use a Zodiac Point which you will earn every time you level up. There are also points equivalent for each zodiac sign. The points range from 30 to 40.

Zodiac Sign Costs

Zodiac Sign Costs

As mentioned before, each zodiac sign has different points equivalent. The signs that cost 40 points are unit-specific buffs. This means that what you can get is among human buff, fairy buff, demon buff, beast buff, angel buff, or undead buff.

The 35-point zodiac signs are type-specific buffs. These are the strength buff, intelligence buff, and dexterity buff. Lastly, the zodiac with 30 points worth is a neutral buff which gives you more resource gain such as gold, metal, dust, and mana crystals.

What Zodiac to Prioritize

What Zodiac to Prioritize
Source: Kyrios Yuudai

If it is your first time choosing the zodiac sign to unlock, it will be a lot more reasonable if you start with the cheap ones that give neutral buffs. Not only because they are cheap, but because you might want to focus first on getting more resources.

Once you already obtained these buffs, it will be easier for you to progress especially if you get either the gold buff or the mana buff.

After you get the first cheap zodiac sign, unlock the type-specific buff zodiac sign. You will have to target the type of buff that is perfect for your team lineup.

type specific buff
Source: Kyrios Yuudai

Another thing you have to understand in unlocking zodiacs is the nodes. Each zodiac sign has a different number of nodes. And for each node, there are different stats upgrades that you can get.

Just like in the previous decision you made, make sure that the node you will pick will benefit the type of lineup you have.

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