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Eversoul: Which Souls to Reroll Guide

Learn which souls are needed for a reroll.




Eversoul Which Souls to Reroll Guide

Eversoul is finally released globally on January 5, 2023. That being said, more players are going to join the fun to experience the hype of this mobile game.

One of the first things you should do when starting a new role-playing game is sign in to your account. However, in this game, it is suggested to sign in as a Guest. Once you finish Prelude Chapter 5, you will be redirected to a summoning page.

After all the tutorials next to the pull tutorial, you will be told to claim the launch rewards which are 3000 Everstone, and 1 Summon Ticket for 14 pulls.

However, chances are you are having an unlucky day and are not satisfied with all the 14 pulls.

You can withdraw your account and start with a fresh one for a reroll.

Which Souls to Reroll in Eversoul

Which Souls to Reroll
Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

Taking rerolls in Eversoul is actually just based on luck. There are some times when a player rerolls for the first time and surprisingly obtains a soul that is a great deal.

In this guide, we will tell you which souls should be satisfying once obtained and souls that you should be targeting when doing a reroll.

Which Souls to Reroll 1
Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

During the reroll process, you will be able to receive two epic souls for free. One of these is Mica which you can receive as a pre-registration reward.

Once you have this soul, it is important to air her with a Seeha to unleash their full potential.

Which Souls to Reroll 2

The next one is Linzy. Another epic soul that you can receive for free. You will obtain this after completing the free tutorial.

Which Souls to Reroll 3

Now, if we talk about the perfect reroll soul, that might be Jade, the green maiden. Compared to other characters, Jade will be the best teammate you will have in any competitive team match because of her skill.

Having Jade on your team will grant all of the members an extra skill activation. Other than that, Jade can also deal an AOE stun which is a good skill to have in a team.

However, take note that Jade is not a damage dealer of the team but a good provider of team buffs.

Which Souls to Reroll 4

Clara is also one of the good pulls in rerolls. Aside from Seeha, Clara is also another unit that is a good healer with its AOE healing skill.

Besides that, she can also grant a continuous HP recovery. This means having Clara on the team guarantees a longer stay on the battlefield.

Which Souls to Reroll 5

If you want a DPS unit, then Miriam would be a good choice. This unit has got her Gatling gun ready to annihilate all the enemies that come her way.

Which Souls to Reroll 6

Next up is Nini. She is one of the best control units in the game. With her skills, she can silence enemies by hitting them in an area.

Aside from that, her basic attacks can inflict both burn and cold in certain conditions.

Which Souls to Reroll 7

Another great pull is Catherine. In fact, if Mica and Seeha are the best duos, Catherine and Jade also are. The synergies between Jade and Catherine are just unpassable because as Jade recharges Catherine’s skills, she can also do her job by casting AOE heals and AOE shields.

What’s even more fun in using Catherine is that her prayer skill makes her nearby allies invulnerable.

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