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Eversoul: Ultimate Team Building Guide | F2P Team Guide

Create the ultimate F2P Team with this team building guide for Eversoul!




Eversoul Ultimate Team Building Guide F2P Team Guide

Expected to join the ranks of the best gacha games soon, Eversoul’s graphic role-playing gameplay is segmented into lovely souls and factions.

Here, you’ll find epic battles to strategize over, with plenty of opportunities to explore and test your combat prowess.

However, if you want to improve your chances of winning, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the concept of Eversoul’s team building.

This guide will teach you the ultimate F2P team building strategy to help you win your battles.

Stats Increase

Stats Increase

In the game, you can enter up to five characters per team.

The more characters you use that belong to the same faction, the more your game statistics increase.

These are subject to numerous rules, including the ones listed below:

  • Adding three characters from the same faction can improve attack by 10% and HP by 10%.
  • Adding five characters from the same faction to the team can give 10% more HP and 10% more attack.
  • Putting three characters from the same faction and two from different factions in a team will improve the squad’s HP and attack by 15%.
  • Having four characters from the same faction for a squad will increase HP by 20% and attack by 20%.
  • If five characters from the same faction are present, they will gain a 25% increase in HP and attack.

These rules can’t be applied to the Demon and Angel factions because when an Angel is added to a team, it will join the faction with the most members. 

For example, if you have an Angel, a Human, and three Undead in your team, a bonus of 4 factions will be granted because your Angel will be considered an undead since it has the most members.

On the other hand, the Demon faction will simply give bonuses, and that will be based on the number of demons you have in your team. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 15% attack increase if you have one demon
  • Two demons get a 10% increase in crit probability and a 15% increase in attack
  • Three demons have 20% more crit damage, 15% more attack, and 10% more crit chance
  • Four demons will gain 15% more crit chance, 20% more attack, and 25% more crit damage
  • For five demons, 30% more crit damage, 20% more crit chance, and 25% more attack

Best F2P Team Build

Best F2P Team Build

Source: Volkin

For the best F2P team build, it is highly recommended to go with Talia, Petra, Vivienne, Chloe, and Jacqueline. Your team composition will be as follows:

  • Carry: Talia
  • Tank: Petra
  • Sub-DPS: Vivienne
  • Secondary Tank: Chloe
  • Sub-DPS: Jacqueline

This will include Talia as your carry, with Vivienne and Jacqueline helping deal more damage, making it a solid team.

Petra and Chloe can tank enemies and will be your front-line characters.

While your team heavily depends on what characters you currently have, this F2P team build is relatively easy to pull.

With many characters available, it can be confusing to build your own team. We hope this team building guide can help you create your ultimate team in Eversoul.

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