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Eversoul: Progression Guide for Beginners

Start your adventure in Eversoul by reading this guide!




Eversoul Progression Guide for Beginners

Kakao Games, the developers of Guardian Tales and World Flipper, have brought their new magnificent 3D gacha Eversoul to an international audience.

Eversoul is an RPG for Android and iOS devices that offers a story full of heroes, a collection frenzy, and team customization options.

However, we recognize that even the most seasoned Saviors could benefit from a tutorial on the basics before delving into the world of Eversoul.

Read on below for the ultimate beginners’ guide to Eversoul.

Unit CP Scaling

Unit CP Scaling

As you progress through the game, you’ll also need to level up your units. Knowing how to properly scale their skills when you level them up is crucial so that you don’t waste your CP.

As much as possible, prioritize leveling up the core units of your team so you can fully utilize their maximum potential.

Town Features

Town Features

Leveling up your town can grant various buffs and rewards in the game.

To level up your town, you can do part-time jobs to earn coins and head to the town shop to buy buildings and objects for your town.

Additionally, you can gain free resources by bonding with characters in town and going on dates.



By doing Daily Expeditions, you can get free summons through Frame Points.

Frame Points are a special currency awarded from Daily Expeditions. You will have a total of four attempts daily.

You can increase your Expedition count by purchasing the pack in the shop.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is a new game mode that you can unlock where you need to clear stages in order to gain valuable rewards.

When you click on your Adventures Tab, there will be Challenges, Dungeons, and Arenas for you to explore and take part in.

Take advantage of these to gain more resources for your units.

Events and Missions

Events and Missions

Certain Events and Missions can give out free characters or significant rewards that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The current event requires you to log in to the game for seven days in a row in order for you to get a free Mephistopheles.

That’s just some of the essential things you should know before playing Eversoul. Now that you know this stuff, you can take on foes and level up in the game quickly.

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