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Eversoul: Human Souls Skills and Abilities Guide

This guide will tackle human souls skills and abilities in the game.




Eversoul Human Souls Skills and Abilities Guide

In Eversoul, the characters or units that you will be using are called Souls. Just like in any other game genre, characters are also categorized into different tiers and different types.

Souls in this game are categorized into six types or factions. Namely, these are human, beast, fairy, undead, angel, and demon.

For every faction set, there are also unique characteristics that make them distinct from one another.

Human Souls Skills and Abilities Guide in Eversoul

To easily familiarize each unit, we made this guide to cover the overview of their skills and abilities.



Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

Mephistopeles is a good unit for targeting the highest damage dealer of the enemy team. Once she has already charged her ultimate, it’s over for their team.

Once she uses this ultimate skill, the enemies in the Analysis state will also receive additional damage. Analysis is one of her passive skills.

Moreover, her main active ability is a straight line shot. Any enemies in line with the attack will receive great damage, and those who are also in an analysis state will receive additional damage.



Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

The next human soul is Linzy who is also one of the first epic units that you can get.

Just like with Mephistopeles, Linzy also deals the greatest damage of her ultimate to the enemy team’s highest damage dealer. Aside from that, the enemy will also be stunned if they have 10 stacks of Trance which also deals extra damage.

Basically, her main ability is just the weaker version of the ultimate ability but with extra crit. She also has some additional abilities which can taunt and trance.

Taunt increases your evasiveness and reduces the accuracy of enemies while trance increases your critical damage.



Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

Jade will be the next human soul and probably the best in a supporting role.

With her ultimate, she can do AOE damage and stun the enemies at the same time. Aside from the damage, her ultimate also benefits all her allies by increasing the activation rates of their skills by 50%.

Her main active ability is also a damage skill to all the nearby enemies with a chance of dealing additional 30% damage of her basic attack power.

Her additional effect also increases her allies’ skill activation by 20%.



Claire is another damage dealer whose ultimate ability deals damage equal to her defense power. Additional damage also takes effect in a small area around the enemy which can cause a stun.

Her main skill is a self-buff which increases both her attack and damage powers. If she is under the revelation of light, there will also be an increase in HP recovery.

For the additional effects, she can stun enemies and has a lot of buff mechanics, and when Claire is attacked, she gains a shield.


Catherine 1

Another human protector for the team is Catherine.

With her ultimate, she releases an AOE heal and all of her allies gain a shield that is proportion to their maximum health percentage. Just like that, her main skill also grants the whole team a shield that is equal to their maximum health percentage.

Not only that, but her additional effects allow her to pray that grants invulnerability for the whole team, and HP recovery for allies.



Cherrie is a pirate and the alcohol lover of the team.

Her ultimate ability casts heavy damage to all the enemies in front of her while inflicting burn damage. The same goes with her main ability but in a smaller coverage.

With her additional ability, the enemies under the burning effect will receive continuous damage until the burn effect is gone.



Last but not least is Dora. Her ultimate skill is closely related to her costume and appearance. She becomes a big bear after consuming so much honey and stomps on an area dealing AOE damage and stunning.

When enemies are below 30% health, they will receive additional damage. For her active ability, she will deal damage to all the enemies in front of her.

When enemies are below 50% of their health, those enemies will receive additional damage and will get stunned.

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