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EverSoul: How to Unlock Mephistopheles Legendary (Hoodie Cat) Costume

Do the Love Story of Mephistopeles to get this unique and exclusive costume.

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EverSoul How to Unlock Mephistopeles Legendary Hoodie Cat Costume

Mephistopheles is one of the beings that brought you into the world of EverSoul. She is an Epic Human Caster with a great passive that increases the rate of doing critical damage to enemies.

Currently, Mephistopheles has a rated-up banner, and you can also get her for free by logging in for 7 days.

Additionally, she has the Legendary (Hoodie Cat) Costume, and we will show you how to obtain it.

How to Unlock Mephistopeles Legendary (Hoodie Cat) in EverSoul

How to Unlock Mephistopeles Legendary Hoodie Cat in EverSoul

Source: Peyker AW

The only way to unlock a character’s costume is by obtaining the True Ending in their Love Story.

In a Love Story of a character, you are given options, and the option you choose will determine what ending you are going to obtain.

The ending can either be a Good, Bad, or True Ending, with the last one giving you the character’s costume.

You can unlock the Love Story of a character if you reach a Bond level of 8 and have at least 900 experience.

Mephistopheles True Ending

Mephistopeles True Ending

Source: Peyker AW

You must follow these choices to get the True Ending in Mephistopeles’ Love Story.

  • EP 1 –  First Answer (That’s such a relief); Second Answer (Apologize)
  • EP 2 – Don’t open the door
  • EP 3 – Say that’s not the case
  • EP 4 – First Answer (Say that it happens often to you, too.); Second Answer (You’re working really hard, Mephi!)
  • EP 5 – No choices needed
  • EP 6 – First Answer (Say you’re curious.); Second Answer (Say Mephi and spring go well together.)
  • EP 7 – No choices needed
  • EP 8 – No choices needed
  • EP 9 – No choices needed
  • EP 10 – No choices needed

Once you’ve picked these options, you can unlock the Legendary (Hoodie Cat) Costume for Mephistopheles.

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