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Eversoul: How to Get Epic Units for Free | First Code

Learn how to get your epic souls for free.




Eversoul How to Get Epic Units for Free First Code

Eversoul is an idle gacha game that just released globally on January 5, 2023. Just like any other gacha game, everything will just depend on your luck for that day.

There is always a good chance of getting a common-grade character in every pull, and as the unit’s rarity increases, the odds of pulling one also decrease. However, there are some known ways of getting a guaranteed epic unit for free.

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you should do to get your epic units for free.

How to Get Epic Units for Free

How to Get Epic Units for Free

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

In Eversoul, there are five free summon codes that you can use to get epic units. Using these will just be some simple steps. However, iPhone users should have to do this on the website due to the terms of service.

But if you are an Android user, then you’ll just have to take the shorter path.

How to Get Epic Units for Free 1

Source: Volkin

Simply go to the Main Menu > Settings > Account > Coupon Code. This is where you are going to type the codes that are region specific for some.

For NA and EU servers, the code will be EVERSOULOUTNOW. For Asia server players, the code is simply EVERSOUL.

How to Get Epic Units for Free 2

Source: Volkin

Once you Confirm the code and it is accepted, you will receive the five summons.

Epic Units Available

Epic Units Available

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

Now that you already have your free five summons, here are some of the epic units that you can possibly pull: Linzy, Chloe, Mica, and Clara.

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