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EverSoul: How to Clear 9-40

Use these characters to clear stage 9-40

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EverSoul How to Clear 9 40

You will sometimes encounter a stage with souls with a higher CP than yours in EverSoul. They can be challenging to defeat as they are stronger, and some of the enemy characters have debuffs.

One such example is stage 9-40 where you are going to fight an enemy that lessens your healing output while dealing vast amounts of damage. Additionally, there is a time limit in this stage.

If you’re struggling, worry not. We will show you how to clear stage 9-40 by dealing enough damage within 1 and 30 minutes.

Use These Characters to Clear 9-40

How to Clear 9 40 in EverSoul

Source: XuitedGamer

In stage 9-40, you will encounter Adrianne, Talia, Prim, Rebecca, and Nicole. The enemy team has 2 Supports, 2 Rangers, and 1 Defender.

It would be best if you looked out for Rebecca, as she has an ability that reduces healing received by 50%.

Your team should be composed of 1 Defender, 1 Caster, and either 2 Supports or 3 Supports. Meanwhile, the Caster should have enough damage and an AOE ultimate to defeat the enemy team. Vivienne is an excellent choice.

Chloe is the best choice for the Defender as she has a taunt ability. Additionally, she has the Indomitable Will passive which increases her physical and magical resistance by 40% for 14 seconds and recovers 7% of max HP.

For the Support, Talia, Catherine, and Clara are some of the best ones. As long as your Defender gets healed.

Level them all up and have them equip the strongest artifacts available to you. Now you are ready to take on stage 9-40.

Clearing 9-40

Clearing 9 40

Source: XuitedGamer

Your formation should look like this. Choose the Basic Formation, then put Chloe to the bottom right, Vivienne to the upper right, and all of the Supports at the back.

With this formation, the enemies will clump up to Chloe’s side, making it easier to hit them with Vivienne’s Ultimate. Before you use Vivienne’s Ultimate, make sure to do it after the enemy character’s Prim does her healing.

As much as possible, use the healing of your support to make Chloe alive.

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