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EverSoul: How to Build a Town | Guild Bond Groups

If you’re looking to build a town or guild bond group, this is for you.




EverSoul How to Build a Town Guild Bond Groups

In EverSoul, you have the option to improve your town or a guild bond group within the game. However,  this can be a bit complicated for new players. If you happen to be one of them, here is a quick guide on how you can do so. 

Explore Your Town

Explore Your Town

Source: GamingonPhone

When you aren’t fighting in the game, you can return to your town. You can build and upgrade buildings in your town while also improving your Souls.

The town is split up into the Private Land and Commercial District. Within the town, you can do Part-Time Jobs every dawn and nightfall.

By doing these jobs, you will earn Town Coins to spend at the Town Shop and can talk to souls to give gifts or go on an outing.

Protect Your Town

Protect Your Town

Source: LDPlayer

On top of assigning your Souls to do several part-time jobs, they will also destroy the debris which appears from the day in the town space.

It is the player’s duty to keep this town away from the monsters when nighttime comes.

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