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EverSoul: Everything You Need to Know About Keepsakes and Artifacts

Newbies, the keepsake and artifact guide for you.




EverSoul Everything You Need to Know

The newly released mobile gacha game, Eversoul, lets the players exercise their luck in every pull and test their skills in building the best item set for their favorite souls to make them stronger.

In this game, there are two essential features with different mechanics that you need to understand in order to increase the stats of your soul significantly. These are called keepsakes and artifacts.

Both keepsakes and artifacts serve a purpose greater than just giving souls these items. Some souls become perfectly much stronger if given the right keepsake and artifact. That being said, we made this article to help you out.

Keepsakes and Artifacts in EverSoul


Basically, keepsakes are the items you give and equip your soul to increase the stats and enhance the overall performance of your soul.

Artifacts, on the other hand, are also something that you can give your character to increase the stats. But what’s more important to know about the artifacts is the fact that matching them perfectly to a character can unlock an additional skill.

Through this guide, we will tell you how these two features work in your pursuit of strengthening our lineup.


Source: Zeeebo Gaming

As mentioned, keepsakes are the items used by your characters to increase their stats and overall strength in battle. One notable characteristic of keepsakes is that you can upgrade it to level up the buff it gives to the soul.

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

Keepsakes are categorized by color according to their rarity. The gray signifies the common, blue for the rare, purple for epic, gold for legendary, and pink for eternal. Aside from their quality, stats also differ when there is a +star attached to it. When stars are added to the keepsake, the higher increase to the stats.

Now, if you are aiming for a stronger squad, you have to target high-rarity keepsakes. Rare and epic keepsakes can be farmed on the battlefront. As per the legendary keepsakes, they can be obtained through legendary chests.

Other than these, you can also acquire some by purchasing packs. Progressing in the Challenges also increases your chance of getting packs.


Source: Zeeebo Gaming

Meanwhile, artifacts are the more exclusive items for your characters. You can say that these are the specialized assigned weapon for characters.

Knowing whose artifact it is will be easy for you as it will be stated as a description under its name.

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

After equipping the artifact to its owner, you can unlock a new skill called the artifact skill. Clicking on the skill will show you the buffs added to your characters.

Upgrading your artifact also increases its stat, giving you leverage over other players.

artifact memory
Source: Zeeebo Gaming

You can upgrade the artifact by ascending it. This means that you have to obtain multiple copies to procure an artifact memory.

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