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EverSoul: Best Faction for Specific Type Summons

Control the battlefield now with the power of this guide!




EverSoul Best Faction for Specific Type Summons

Eversoul is an amazing visual RPG developed by Korea-Based publisher Kakao Games. With its engaging gameplay and aesthetics, it’s no wonder the game has become so popular in recent times.

Due to this rise in popularity, we have crafted this guide to help new players improve at the game by sharing our knowledge of how factions and their units work in the game.  

The Fairies

The fairies
Source: Volkin

1st place – The Fairies: We have chosen the fairies as our number one faction due to the high number of units it gives to the player and the choices this opens to him/her. Units such as Vivienne or Talia can prove beneficial to any team comp, making them good choices if the players are looking for adaptability and early-game power.

The fairies are excellent at controlling the enemy with CC abilities while also applying buffs and de-buffs to allies and enemies.

We believe that units such as Talia, Chloe, Vivienne, and Naiah are incredibly strong on their own. The strength of its units added to their healing abilities and high customizability make the fairies the best faction at this moment.

The Humans

The humans
Source: Volkin

2nd place – The humans: The human’s main perk in Eversoul is the fact that its characters have universal abilities and thus, can work in any team. However, this universality comes at the cost of synergy, which is hard to build in a team within the human faction.

Catherine and Claire serve as support units, like the supports in the fairies, their main role is to heal and buff the team. Cherrie, Dora, and Linzy serve the role of warriors and their function is to inflict damage on the enemy team. Finally, we have Mephistopheles, a caster who can deal massive AOE damage.

The Undead

The undead
Source: Volkin

3rd place – The undead: Our last faction in this guide is well-known for focusing on damage over time and de-buffing appliances. The undead is an underrated faction that has many off-meta powerful units.

Petra serves the classic role of the tank, able to stay alive in the fight and absorb a great amount of damage.

Jaqueline is one of the best assassins in the game, able to become invisible and proc bleeding. Violette and Nini are casters who can inflict tons of damage on the enemy team. Prim is a good healer who brings offensive and defensive capabilities.

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