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Elden Ring: Rune Farm Guide

Get as many Runes as you will ever need!




Elden Ring Rune Farm Guide

Runes are one of the most important resources in Elden Ring. They can be used to buy items from merchants, upgrade equipment, and even for leveling up your stats.

Leveling up and upgrading gear will require a lot of Runes, and their costs will increase exponentially. Even more so if you find yourself wanting to try out more weapons or builds.

Luckily, we got you covered with this farming guide that will allow you to earn as many Runes as possible!

How to Farm Runes in Elden Ring

How to Farm Runes in Elden Ring

There are two popular Rune farming methods currently, both requiring you to reach the Mohgwyn Palace. Specifically, the farming spot in question is near the Palace-Approach Ledge Road site of grace.

Additionally, both methods work in the current 1.08.1 version.

How to Get to the Farming Spot

How to Get to the Farming Spot

While the Mohgwyn Palace is a late-game area, you can reach it as soon as you enter the Liurnia region. This means that you can do this relatively early in the game.

However, you will also need to have acquired one Great Rune. Usually, Godrick’s Great Rune will be your first. Defeat him at Stormveil Castle to claim his Great Rune and enter Liurnia.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 1

As soon as you reach Liurnia, you will need to find White Mask Varré at the Rose Church in the southwestern section of the lake.

While speaking with Varré, he will give you a series of tasks. First, you will need to perform 3 invasions. Second, you will need to acquire the blood of a maiden.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 2

You can do the invasions even if you have no internet access. Simply find the red mark on your map and fight the NPC at this spot.

If you decide to invade other players, however, you don’t need to win the invasions. Just appearing in another player’s world as an invader will count. Do this 3 times and you’re done.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 3

Next, you will need the blood of a maiden. The easiest way to get this is to head to the Church of Inhibition in northeastern Liurnia where you’ll find a dead maiden here. Interact with the corpse to obtain its blood then return to Varré.

Exhaust Varré’s dialogue to receive a Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Use this item and you will be taken to the Mohgwyn Palace.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 4

At the Mohgwyn Palace, walk forward up the stairs and activate the Site of Grace nearby. Then, turn around and head back down the stairs. You should be facing a forest.

Get on Torrent as soon as you and run past the large skeleton ghosts. You will then find yourself in an open area with lots of Albinauric enemies.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 5

Rush past the Albinaurics and take the open path to the left. You should see some more Albinaurics going up a path. Run past them as well.

Eventually, you will see a large amount of Albinaurics again. Most of them are sitting down and won’t attack, but the red ones will. Again, run past them on horseback.

How to Get to the Farming Spot 6

You should now see a Site of Grace near the Albinaurics. Activate it and rest at it. You can now begin farming runes using either method below!

Method 1: Giant Bird

Method 1 Giant Bird

The first method will require a bow and some arrows. Any bow and arrow combination works.

If you don’t have enough stats for a bow, use one of the many stat-boosting Talismans, such as Radagon’s Soreseal. You can also use certain Wondrous Physick mixes.

From the Site of Grace, look off the cliff to the lake of blood. You will notice a giant bird enemy patrolling the area.

Method 1 Giant Bird 1

With your bow in hand, aim at the bird with L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox). Then just shoot it with an arrow using R1 or RB. Remember to aim a bit above where you want to hit as arrows will start falling off after a certain distance.

Method 1 Giant Bird 2

If you hit the giant bird, it will attempt to rush toward you. It will ignore the fact that it has a cliff in front of it and will fall to its death, giving you about 10,000 Runes in the first playthrough.

The bird might sometimes stop before falling to its death. Rest at the Site of Grace to reset it when this happens.

Just rest at the Site of Grace and repeat the process as many times as you want!

Method 2: Albinaurics

Method 2 Albinaurics

The second method will require you to have a good crowd control weapon or spell. You will then use it to quickly kill all the Albinaurics near the Grace.

The best weapon for this is the Sacred Relic Sword. Its skill emits a golden wave of magic that will allow you to one-shot almost all of the Albinaurics in seconds.

However, you can only obtain it after defeating the final boss. Simply trade the remembrance of the final boss with Enna at the Roundhold Table.

On the other hand, you can also use other tools to kill the Albinaurics. For example, you can use Incantations and Spells if you have invested in the stats to use them.

Method 2 Albinaurics 1

Dragon Breath Incantations and Spells like Comet Azur can quickly take down the Albinaurics. They’re not as efficient as the Sacred Seal Sword, but they can be obtained earlier. You can also use the Starscourge Greatsword from Radahn’s remembrance.

This is by far the fastest way to farm Runes, and when done properly, you should get around 32,000 Runes per run in just a few seconds!

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