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Dysterra: Top Tips and Tricks | Beginner’s Guide

Play the game like a veteran with these Dysterra top tips and tricks that can help you out.




Dysterra Tips and tricks

Dysterra is an open-world shooter in which players must survive their journey throughout the globe.

Humanity has advanced rapidly since the discovery of TerraSite, albeit at the expense of the safety of Earth.

Players on Dysterra must make strategies to ensure their continued existence, including the procurement of food, the construction of shelter, the development of weapons, the formation of alliances, and the avoidance of hostile worlds.

Top Ticks and Tricks in Dysterra

While other survival games feature frustrating roadblocks, Dysterra does away with them entirely.

Each round will begin with you already armed with a sidearm and rifle, significantly shortening the time it takes to start engaging with the other players and monsters.

Your advanced mechanical arm will not only make survival easier but will also make creating and harvesting materials much faster. With that said, here are the top tips and tricks to help you get started.

Beginner’s Guide

Dysterra Areas

Dysterra is unlike other survival games, considering even newbies’ perspectives and making the game easier as long as you know how to lay out your cards properly. One of the things you need to adjust in the early game is your Initial Settings.

If you’re playing single-player, adjusting your Harvest Amount to your preferred number is highly recommended. Grinding for resources can burn you out early on in the game, so make sure to change this setting to your liking.


Dysterra Base

Next, take note of areas with high Respawn Rates. The path along the southern beach is one example, as you can find tons of Terrasites that spawn for a period of time. If there are no enemies in the area, this could be the best place to build your home.

If you’re struggling with GPU settings, consider dropping your resolution to 1080p. This can make your gameplay smoother and prevent lags that can hinder you from enjoying your game.

Before starting the game, make sure to read the Manual and go through the Tutorial carefully. Dysterra’s tutorial will help you get through a lot of the fundamental processes you need.

Water Supply

Regarding your Early Game Water Supply, you can find Hydrants where you can drink water from certain buildings. It is crucial to be near one before you can build your own water source.

For your starting loot, focus on Metals, Terrasites, Rocks, and resources that you generally need for building. Food is found anywhere in the game, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry.

Setting Up a Base

Base Building Dysterra

Lastly, when you’ve successfully set up your Starter Base, working on a Plasma Workbench and an Atmospheric Water Generator is highly recommended. Both of these will significantly help you in early-game crafting.

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