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Does a Gaming Router Make a Difference?

Leave your packet loss experience in the past by using a reliable gaming router.




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That one thing that makes a game top-notch is the smoothness of everything from graphics to controls.

However, a lot of gamers might be experiencing this common problem especially if several devices are connected to one network – packet loss.

Packet losses happen frequently if there is congestion in the network.

Although there are still other factors that affect your packet loss while playing. But regardless of the reason, it is still annoying and stressful to see rubberband movements.

With that, some people wanted to know if using a gaming router would be effective in changing their gaming experience for the better.

Well, in fact, a gaming router can make your gaming experience the best. Let’s look at the finer details.

What is a Gaming Router?

What is a Gaming Router

A gaming router is just a different variant of the common WiFi router that you can see in the office or at home. It looks a little more intimidating than usual because of the number of antennas it has.

But don’t actually get intimidated by its appearance because it just also serves the same purpose.

Despite the same purpose as the regular router, a gaming router is modified to cater to gamers’ needs very well.

So, if you plan on elevating your gaming experience and performance, a gaming router would be a step closer to your goal.

With that, here are some of the factors of using a gaming router instead of a regular one that can entirely boost your in-game performance.

Supports Multiplayer Games Best

Supports Multiplayer Games Best

As you already know, a router’s job is to extend the connection to several devices. But sometimes, a regular router is just not enough to accommodate everyone.

A gaming router is, in fact, a good option if you oftentimes experience high network traffic or if you belong to a household with several members connecting to one internet network.

The reason is that it can accommodate a higher number of users and can extend its range so you can still play your game in your most comfortable area.

In the context of a multiplayer game, even though all of your teammates are connecting to that same network, you won’t be experiencing any lagging.

Reduces High Pings

Reduces High Pings

Ping refers to the latency between a player’s input and the server’s response to those actions. Having a high ping means that there is a great discrepancy between your input and the server’s response.

This is what players hate the most when playing a real-time multiplayer game. After all, what’s the point of having a good reaction time when the game itself can’t react as fast as you can?

Usually, the ping problem is caused by your provider’s end, since all types of connections have lags that you can’t eliminate.

Reduces High Pings 1

Now, the question is how can a gaming router solve this problem if you can’t do anything with your ISP’s connection?

In that case, the gaming router does the job for you to look for the closest and best-performing server that you can use.

This is especially true if you are playing games such as Valorant and Apex Legends where your ping dramatically affects your performance.

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