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DMZ Warzone 2: Where to Find Architect’s Toolbox Location

Find this new item hidden in the old Warzone map.




DMZ Warzone 2 Where to Find Architects Toolbox Location

DMZ Warzone 2 features a lot of new content, and not all of them are related to its new Ashika Island map.

In this short guide, we will go over how to find one such new item which is the Architect’s Toolbox hidden within Al Mazrah.

Where to Find the Architect’s Toolbox

Where to Find the Architects Toolbox

Source: Gamers Heroes

The Architect’s Toolbox is hidden in the classic Warzone map, Al Mazrah. To find it, you’ll first need to locate the Smuggling Tunnel within the area.

This tunnel is a potential Stronghold that can be found between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City. Its name comes from one of the missions that reveal the location.

Where to Find the Architects Toolbox 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

The Architect’s Toolbox is sitting in a central room in the tunnel, near the middle of E3. If the L-shaped building is currently open, just enter it and head down a ladder and you’ll be in the right room.

Sadly, the toolbox is locked and requires a key. The key isn’t found in the tunnel, so you’ll need to get it elsewhere before you unlock the toolbox.

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