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DMZ Warzone 2: Where to Find all Gun Cleaning Oil Locations

Complete one of the objectives in the A Helping Hand mission.




DMZ Warzone 2 Where to Find all Gun Cleaning Oil Locations

Warzone 2.0 season was launched on February 15, bringing with it a new area named Ashika Island and five new weapons, three of which are free with Battlepass.

There are also several new missions in which players must gather items on various maps in order to seize strongholds.

The Gun Cleaning Oil is one of the things that you need to find to complete a mission, although it has a random chance of dropping and is currently one of the rarest items.

Here’s where you can find it.

Gun Cleaning Oil Location

Gun Cleaning Oil Location

Source: QM Games

A Helping Hand is a new mission introduced to the game that requires you to complete three goals, one of which is to find the Gun Cleaning Oil.

You can find the Gun Cleaning oil within the Toolbox which is around the map in various warehouses, mechanical places, and even inside the gas station.

The issue, however, is not the Toolbox but the fact that the Gun Cleaning Oil is a random drop.

Gun Cleaning Oil Location 1

Source: QM Games

Although it can be located randomly around the map, the location depicted above is the ideal spot to find it. It is incredibly near to one of the spawn points. There are also lots of tiny houses with Toolboxes around the area.

There are also several warehouses nearby. Don’t forget to check those as well. Good luck!

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