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DMZ Warzone 2: How to Unlock Dual Kodachis (Katana)

Level up the Battle Pass in Warzone 2 to get the Dual Kodachis

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DMZ Warzone 2 How to Unlock Dual

The second season of the Battle Pass in Warzone 2 has various skins and weapons to obtain. You can unlock it all by buying the Battle Pass, but you can still get some free ones even if you don’t.

One of the weapons you can obtain is the Dual Kodachis, and we will show you how to get it.

Obtaining the Dual Kodachis (Katana)

Modern Warfare 2
Source: Ordinary Sense

The Battle Pass in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 differs from how the previous Call of Duty games work. Head to the Battle Pass in either MW2 or Warzone 2; here, you will find 20 sectors. Each sector has 4 unlockable items along with the featured item.

To obtain the featured item, you must unlock all four items first. You need a Battle Pass Token to do that, and you can obtain it by leveling up the level of your account.

After opening the four items, you can now unlock the featured item; this means you will use 5 tokens to unlock a sector.

Source: Ordinary Sense

The sector you are in will have a green color; if you unlock all items, including the featured item, the sector turns to gold. For example, if you open all of the items in sector B1, it will turn gold, while sectors B2 and B3 will turn green.

To obtain the Dual Kodachis, you need to reach sector B13; you will have to either pass through sector B2 or B3.

You can decide which way you will go by choosing the gun you want to get first, as it does not matter because either way, you will still use 25 tokens to get the Dual Kodachis.


On the left, we have a new shotgun and a new assault rifle on the right.

free to play Battle Pass

Lastly, if you have the free-to-play Battle Pass. In that case, you can only obtain the items with the FREE icon, so even if you unlock everything in a sector, you can only get the free item.

Fortunately, the Dual Kodachi and the two new guns are free.

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