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DMZ Warzone 2: All Dead Drop Locations

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DMZ Warzone 2 All Dead Drop Locations

We have been roaming the Warzone for ages at this point. We know how important is to get good equipment as fast as possible.

Whether it’s money, weapons, and even killstreaks, most loot you can find in DMZ will help you survive.

In addition to the items you’ll encounter, you can use Dead Drops and convert them into XP. So in this article, we’re going to show you the location of all of them.

Where to Find the Dead Drops

Where to Find the Dead Drops
Source: YourSixGaming

Our first Dead drop is the Al Samman Cemetery Dead drop. You can find it in the corner at the northeast corner of the location previously mentioned behind a small building (shown in the image).

The second Dead drop is in Al Mazrah which is a city in the top right corner of the map. You will find a trash dump with the drop on an alley in the south section near the F3 coordinate.

Where to Find the Dead Drops 1
Source: YourSixGaming

The third Dead drop is located somewhere in Rohan Oil at the C3 coordinates. You can easily find it if you follow the railroads.

Our fourth Dead drop will be waiting in Sa’id City on its north side. You can easily find this dumpster under the Shopping Mall Centre sign.

Where to Find the Dead Drops 2
Source: YourSixGaming

The fifth drop will be stashed around Al Sharim Pass. It is located to the north of the airport at the G6 coordinate behind a yellow building with a ladder.

The last drop is in coordinate F4 and it will take you to the Maziweh Marshlands. You will find the drop along a nearby river.

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