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Divine Knockout: When Will Zeus be Available | Release Date

The King of Olympus is set to arrive in Divine Knockout!




Divine Knockout When Will Zeus be Available Release Date

A new hero, Zeus, and his whole kit have been recently revealed for the first time for Divine Knockout. The live stream on the game’s official Twitch channel has disclosed it, and you may still be able to watch it if you haven’t.

Divine Knockout was published for PC, the next-gen Xbox, and the PS4 on December 6, 2022.

If you’re one of the players waiting excitedly for this new powerful hero, keep reading the article below to know when it will be released!

Zeus, King of Olympus

Zeus King of Olympus

Source: DSGaming

Zeus, the King of Olympus, is a new character set to be released this month in Divine Knockout. His inclusion was already foreseen, considering the game’s mythological setting.

Zeus’s historical reputation as a mighty god has been reflected in the game. He can toss a lightning bolt that causes knockback, shoot three bolts in the air in a straight line, and fire five bolts that can build up charges and explode in a massive explosion as his ultimate.

Zeus Release Date

Zeus Release Date

Source: DKOGame on Twitter

As the King of Olympus, Zeus is a very powerful god. With his ability to spam area-of-effect attacks, the game might become unbalanced. Before his release, fans have been noting Zeus’ potential power creep.

Zeus’ initial release date was set for Monday, December 19. However, developers have decided to push back his release due to serious balancing issues that could cause problems later on.

We might have to wait a little bit longer before we could play the god of thunder.

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