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Divine Knockout: Susano Combo Guide

Become a true master of the blade!




Susano Combo Guide

Divine Knockout is a 3d – fighting/platforming game in which you struggle to keep your character within an arena while at the same time you fend off enemy opponents. If you want to become a master of the game, then you will need to practice enough until your skills allow you to do so.

 Every god in Divine Knockout has a specific set of skills that distinguish him/her from the rest of the cast. As such, there are many strategies you can use to best your rivals.  

Today we bring a guide on one of said gods: Susano. This katana-wielding deity is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in the game!

However, we know that sometimes learning how to use a new character can be frustrating! We have crafted this guide so we can help you master the Japanese katana-wielding god in no time.

We will list the list of combos you can perform with Susano so you can become familiar with his moves. The rest is just practice!

Learning Susanoo’s abilities

Storm cutter
Source: Nyle

1) Storm cutter (STC):

Susano’s combos employ variations of the Storm Cutter move. Even if the Storm Cutter itself is a 3-hit move, some of these combos will require only the first or only the last move of the Storm Cutter. I will list all the combos you can perform involving the Storm Cutter:

a) First hit of Storm Cutter: Can be used as a combo starter or as a combo finisher. You can use it as a finisher after the first 3 hits of grounded light attacks.

b) Second hit of Storm Cutter: This is a great combo starter and can be used with 3 light attacks followed up by the 3rd hit of the Storm Cutter.

c) Third hit of Storm Cutter: This hit is so good it can hit multiple opponents. We will use it in some combos.

Third hit of Storm Cutter
Source: Nyle

2) Swirling Tempest:

The Swirling Tempest tornado is one of the strongest abilities you can find on Susano’s combat toolkit as it is a very effective way of extending your combo.

The combos that feature this ability frequently switch between aerial and ground dueling, which gives the player versatility and adaptability, as well as adding a nice element of surprise.

Swirling Tempest
Source: Nyle

3) Ultimate Susano.

It should not come as a surprise that Susano’s ultimate ability may prove catastrophic to your rivals. This massive hit will make sure no opponent is left standing.

The ideal set up for this ability would be immediately after landing a tornado. This combo will deal massive damage to your opponent. On the final page I will list all of Susano’s combos, so move along and find out more about your favorite god.  

Learning Susanoo’s combos

Learning Susanoos combos
Source: Nyle

I will now list all of Susano’s combos you will need to master.

1) Light Attack + Light Attack + Light Attack + STC1 + Jump Light Attack + Aerial Heavy Attack.

2) Light Attack + Light Attack + STC1 + Swirling Tempest + Jump Light Attack

3) Swirling Tempest + Light Attack + Heavy Attack + Ultimate (47%) – For this combo, to hit the enemy with your ultimate, make sure to aim it downwards toward yourself.

4) Swirling Tempest + Ultimate (32%) – This is an efficient way of setting up your ultimate

5) Light Attack + Light Attack + Light Attack + STC3 (only the third hit) + Aerial Light Attack + Aerial Heavy Attack + Swirling Tempest + Ultimate (76%).

As mentioned before, this is one of the strongest combos in the game. We hope this guide has been useful to you and with enough practice, you will quickly become a master of the katana! 

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