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Divine Knockout: How to Play SOL | Tips and Tricks

Master your new main, Sol.




Divine Knockout How to Play SOL Tips and Tricks

Deal great attack damage output to enemies and knock them down on the battle stage. Divine Knockout is a third-person multiplayer action and fighting game.

Along with the widely diverse powers of each character, each battleground has a different mechanic as well. Be careful of the obstacles per stage. Otherwise, you will be just an easy piece of meat on the ground.

However, there are some heroes that are just very impressive to use. With proper use and handling, each fight can be finished as simply as 1, 2, 3.

One of the many characters the game has, Sol is one of the most remarkable choices. That is why we made this brief guide to tell you how you can properly use SOL during your battles.

How to Play SOL in Divine Knockout

In order to master SOL and unleash her true power, it is important to understand the skills and gameplay first. This way, it will be easier for you to experiment with her abilities.

How to Play SOL in Divine Knockout

Source: Onestep

The first thing you have to know about SOL is her basic attack. SOL has a standard three-hit combo. Basically, this is a physical attack spam.

How to Play SOL in Divine Knockout 1

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The next one is the heavy attack. Here, SOL throws a heavy ball of fire toward the enemies. What’s important to remember about this is that there is no need for you to get close and get into contact with enemies in order to cast this.

Source: Onestep

But your heavy attack does not stop there. You can also use a charged heavy attack. It is highly similar to the heavy attack but this deals more damage for a longer range and is more physical. Successfully using this on an enemy actually knocks back the opponent.

How to Play SOL in Divine Knockout 2

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Moving Around the Battlefield

Movement is not an issue with SOL. With the dash ability, she can easily change locations with her fire. Dashing toward an enemy with this flame can also damage them.

Moving Around the Battlefield

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The next ability is her Combustion skill. This skill triggers SOL to fire in a twirl as she spins around and greatly damages the enemy that surrounds or gets in contact with it.

SOL can also transform into a rolling ball of fire. This can travel long enough to damage and take down enemies in a long and straight line.

Moving Around the Battlefield 1

Source: Onestep

It is also important to know this skill wherein SOL deploys fireballs that drop on the ground that can still damage the enemies that will come in contact with it. Take note that this fireball can be thrown from afar. Any enemies that come in contact upon release will also be knocked back.

Another one is when SOL jumps high and from above, it throws a massive fireball that deals a great amount of damage to the enemies. Not only that, but it also knocks back enemies upon hitting.

Lastly will be this skill that can cause massive damage in a big area that it can cover. SOL archives supernova and causes a big explosion from her position. Just like her other skills, this does a heavy knockback to the enemies that come near.

Sol Overall Performance

As you can see from the skills, SOL is a good offense and defense on her own. With the great damage it can dish out, SOL can stand on her own to take down enemies. Plus the knockbacks are very helpful in dodging and escaping. The time interval it deals with also helps SOL in regenerating some portion of her life.

Sol Overall Performance

Both long-range and short-range, SOL is a good hero choice. Not only that, but it is also a beginner-friendly hero to use.

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