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Divine Knockout (DKO): King Arthur Combo Guide

Learn how to perform King Arthur’s flawless combo.




Divine Knockout DKO King Arthur Combo Guide

Divine Knockout is a 3d – fighting/platforming game that uses a very simple but incredibly fun premise: force your opponent out of the arena. Keeping that balance between fighting and jumping can get a little challenging, especially if your opponent knows what he’s doing.

 Each god in Divine Knockout has a particular set of skills that distinguish him/her from the rest of the cast. We suggest taking your time to practice and get to know how each character plays.

Today we bring a guide on one of the said gods: King Arthur. Our knight in shining armor can be one of the most fun characters to use, especially once you’ve mastered the Excalibur combos.

Sometimes, it can be frustrating trying out a new character without knowing his full dueling potential, so we highly recommend committing to practicing every now and then so you can start winning matches and proving your ability in the arena as soon as possible.

Performing the Combos

Performing the Combos

Source: NyleStylez

Standard Light Combo

Every character has a triple light attack; this is very easy to do since you only need to tap your light attack button (in our case it’s assigned to the x button) three times. This will be an important combo to master since the next ones will use it as a starting point.

Standard Light Combo + Soaring Edge Projectile

After you end the light combo, you can use the soaring edge technique (LB button) to deploy a cone-like beam that will devastate your enemies.

Standard Light Combo Soaring Edge Projectile

Source: NyleStylez

Soaring Edge and Heavy Attack Combo

This combo can be executed after performing the soaring edge skill. After soaring edge has impacted your foe, he/she will be slowed by it so you can follow it with a heavy attack for massive damage.

Mixing Combo

You can mix the combo you’re performing on your opponent by chaining 2 consecutive light attacks, then using your blinding light. Immediately after this, you can chain 3 additional light attack combos into your opponent for tons of damage. This combo is especially useful for baiting your opponent, as it is slightly more unpredictable compared to the other combos.

Mixing Combo

Source: NyleStylez

Speed Boost Combo

If you have a speed boost you can perform a 3-hit light attack and then immediately follow up with a heavy attack. Remember that you can use blinding light to stun opponents, so use this to your advantage.

Aerial Light – Heavy Attack and Ultimate Combo

Your aerial light attack is very good at scoping opponents and then using your ultimate to blast them. You can perform a very similar attack while using your heavy attack and then unleashing your ultimate into your foe for massive damage.

That is all for the guide, we recommend practicing and having fun! You’ll be a master of King Arthur in no time.

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