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Divine Knockout (DKO): Experience Farming Guide

Make a God stronger by leveling them up

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Divine Knockout DKO Experience Farming Guide

In certain games, you have to level up to strengthen your characters, but gaining experience can take some time. You might need to grind for a very long time to reach your maximum level. The same holds true for Divine Knockout.

Since each character has a distinct level, you must grind each individually. To help you advance your level quickly, we created this guide.

Experience Farming Guide

Experience Farming Guide

Source: DSGaming

A leveling system in Divine Knockout allows you to strengthen your characters. Blessings and Traits can be found in a character’s Talents section. They act as passive buffs to your skills, and you can only access them after raising your character’s level.

Experience Farming Guide 1

Source: DSGaming

For instance, Hercules can pull a boulder out of the ground and throw it at an enemy with his Boulder Toss skill. When you hit an enemy with a boulder, the cooldown is decreased by 4 seconds if you have unlocked the minor trait Boulder Barrage.

There are three game modes, and you can gain experience every time you finish a game.

The Best Game Mode for Farming Experience

The Best Game Mode for Farming Experience

Source: DSGaming

If the game mode is 1v1 or 2v2. In 4-5 minutes, you will receive at least 300-500 XP. In the 10-15 minute-long 3v3 game mode, you can earn 800 XP and higher.

If you compare the time you spend and the number of experience points you receive between a 3v3 game mode and a 1v1 or 2v2 one, they are more or less equal. This means any game option you choose will give you the same amount of experience points.

You just have to ensure that you win because winning a game is crucial since it allows you to obtain more experience.

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