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Dissending for Sweets Quest Guide – Hogwarts Legacy

Help Garreth Weasley get some sweets by exploring a secret passage.




Dissending for Sweets Quest Guide Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is filled to the brim with side quests where you deal with the many inhabitants of Hogwarts.

One such quest is called Dissending for Sweets where you have to enter a sweets shop through a secret passage to fetch some sweets for Garreth Weasley.

In this guide, we’ll go over every step of the way to complete the quest.

How to Complete the Dissending for Sweets Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest becomes available after completing the “Trials of Merlin” main quest. To start, you need to find Garreth Weasley in The Great Hall of Hogwarts and speak to him.

After that, follow the marker until you’re taken to the Great Staircase area. You should be inside a large purple circle on your map where you need to find a One-Eyed Witch Statue.

The statue is nearby to the Floo Flame in this area and shouldn’t be hard to find.

How to Complete the Dissending for Sweets Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

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Interact with the statue to open up a secret path called One-Eyed Witch Passage. Walk forward until you stumble upon a broken elevator.

Use Reparo on the elevator and watch as it gets fixed. When it’s done, walk inside and use the lever to take the elevator down. Follow the path ahead of you.

Walk until you reach some large spider webs. Use Incendio on the webs to burn them down. As soon as you burn them, you’ll then notice a glowing panel.

How to Complete the Dissending for Sweets Quest in Hogwarts Legacy 1

Stand on the panel and cast Levioso on it to raise you and allow you to jump towards the nearby ledge.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward 2

Climb up and move forward, using Levioso on another panel to use as a bridge. After that, you’ll come across another gap with a broken panel. Cast Reparo, jump towards it, and then cast Levioso on it.

Keep going until you have to burn another bunch of webs. You’ll notice another broken panel. Cast Reparo on it then cast Accio on the hook above it. Lastly, cast Levioso on the panel and jump on it.

Walk through the cave until you reach a closed stone door with two torches outside of it. Use Incendio on the torches and the door will slide up and open a path.

Pass the door and enter a storage room. You’re now below Honeydukes. Take the ladder up to appear in the backroom of Honeydukes.

Moving Forward 3

Walk forward and take a left until you reach a room with green curtains. The dried Billywig stings are on a desk against the wall of the room.

Now all that’s left to do to complete the quest is to head back to Garreth Weasley and give him the dried Billywig stings.

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