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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Meddling Mirabel Quest Guide

Complete the quest and have Mirabel and Scrooge make up.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Meddling Mirabel Quest Guide

Mirabel is one of the Disney Characters you can invite as a villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can obtain exclusive quests from her after she stays in your village.

One of the quests you can obtain from her is the Meddling Mirabel Quest, and we will show you how to complete it.

Completing Meddling Mirabel Quest

quest of Mirabel

Meddling Mirabel is the third quest of Mirabel, and you need to get Mirabel’s Friendship Level to level seven. If you’ve met the prerequisites, start the quest by talking to Mirabel.

She will then tell you to find out what happened by talking to Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. Check your Map to find where they are, then speak to them.

After learning what happened, return to Mirabel and speak with her.

Feed the Raccoons

Feed the Raccoons
Raccoons two times
Source: GosuNoob

Once you finish speaking to Mirabel, she will give you two tasks. The first one you must do is to feed the Raccoons two times.

Head to the Forest of Valor and find a Raccoon. You can feed the Raccoon with a Blueberry, which you can harvest in the Forest of Valor. Do it two times to complete the task.

Look for the Cash Register Key

Look for the Cash Register Key
Key Buried
Source: GosuNoob

The next task is to look for the Cash Register Key Buried in the Forest. Head to the above location southeast of the Forest of Valor, then use your shovel on a crack in the ground to obtain the Cash Register Key.

Give the Cash Register Key to Scrooge

Cash Register Key

Return to Scrooge and give him the Cash Register Key. Speak to Mirabel again, and she will provide you with the last set of tasks to craft a Seashell Frame and make a Red Fruit Pie.

Collect materials for the Seashell Frame and Craft it

the Furniture section
Source: GosuNoob

These are the materials needed for the Seashell Frame.

  • 8 Glass (Craft 1 with 1 Coal Ore and 5 Sand)
  • 10 Softwood (Obtained at the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, or Glade of Trust)
  • 5 Clam (Obtained at the Dazzle Beach)
  • 5 Scallop (Obtained at the Dazzle Beach)

After collecting the materials, head to the Crafting Table, then select the Furniture section to craft the Seashell Frame.

Bake a Red Fruit Pie

Cooking Pot

Once you craft the Seashell Frame, your next task is to make a Red Fruit Pie. The recipe for the Red Fruit Pie is given to you by Mirabel. Head to the Cooking Pot, then add 1 Wheat, 1 Butter, and any Red fruit to make a Red Fruit Pie.

After making the Pie, bring it to Mirabel along with the Seashell Frame to proceed to the last part of the quest.

Follow and Listen to Mirabel’s Apology

Source: GosuNoob

This is the final part of the quest; follow Mirabel until she encounters Scrooge, then listen to her apology.

After she talks to Scrooge, she will thank you for your help, and this will then complete the Meddling Mirabel Quest.

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