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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve Mysterious Golden Potato Quest

Guide on solving Mysterious Golden Potato Quest

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How to Solve Mysterious Golden Potato Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the ultimate fanservice for long-time Disney and Pixar Movies fans. This game is a Life-Sim Adventure game developed and published by Gameloft.

In this game, you explore and discover stories while building the perfect neighborhood with your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar.

Much like every adventure game, this one has its own difficult quest. Don’t worry, as this guide will teach you how to solve the Mysterious Golden Potato Quest.

How to Solve Mysterious Golden Potato Quest

This quest is just going to be one of the many quests you will encounter in Disney Dreamlight valley. Follow these steps if you want to get through them effectively and quickly.

Step 1: Go to Merlin’s House.

The first step in completing this quest is getting your golden potato to your storage and going to Merlin’s House.

Here, you will find the symbols in his book. On the right page, you will see four potatoes. You need to find these four locations and transfer your potato there.

Step 2: Go to the Cave in Dazzle Beach

Head down into the cave until the second platform until you see the stone. Interact with this stone by transferring your golden potato. The stone will turn your potato into a golden carrot.

Go to the Cave in Dazzle Beach
Source: sheebi’s valley

Step 3: Head to Elsa’s Cave in Frosted Heights

Once you enter the cave, you will instantly see a table. Interact with this table by putting your golden carrot there. It will convert your golden carrot into a golden crab.

Head to Elsas Cave in Frosted Heights
Source: sheebi’s valley

Step 4: Head into the Dream Castle

The third transfiguration stone is at the top of Dream Castle near the fountain. Once you arrive there, look at the lamp on the left of most of the balcony.

You can interact with this lamp and it will turn your golden crab into a golden night thorn.

Head into the Dream Castle
Source: sheebi’s valley

Step 4: Go Back to Merlin’s House

The final transfiguration stone is at Merlin’s House. Put your night thorn on the same table where you found the book, and it will reward you with a golden potion.

Go Back to Merlins House 1 1
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