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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Buñuelos

Have a taste of Julieta Madrigal’s specialty, the Colombian Empanadas.




Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Make Bunuelos

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update, A Festival of Friendship, has brought new characters and villagers that you can interact with, befriend, and complete missions.

One of the new faces that you will see around here is Mirabel from the movie, Encanto.

Aside from the main character herself, who would have thought that even her favorite snack will still appear in the game?

In this recent update, she will give you a quest called A Taste of Home where you need to make Buñuelos. This guide will show you how to do it.

How to Make Buñuelos

How to Make Bunuelos

A Taste of Home quest is one of Mirabel’s friendship quests which will only unlock once you reach friendship level 4 with her.

At the same time, you should also have finished the first friendship quest chain called Healing House.

Here, Mirabel will ask you to make Buñuelos. However, she doesn’t know what the last ingredient is. That leaves you the job of finding the mysterious recipe for this sumptuous snack.

How to Make Bunuelos 1

Source: Quick Tips

To make Buñuelos, you will only need to prepare four ingredients. These are eggs, milk, wheat, and the last ingredient, cheese!

Both the egg and milk can be purchased from Remy. The egg costs 220 coins, while the milk costs 230 coins. The cheese is also available to be purchased from Remy for 180 coins.

On the other hand, wheat is available in Goofy Stall for 3 gold. To save up your coins, you can just buy seeds for 1 gold and grow them yourself.

How to Make Bunuelos 2

Source: Quick Tips

Once all the ingredients are on hand, go to Remy’s Kitchen and just throw all the ingredients in the cooking pot. With that, you already have a plate full of Buñuelos.

Simply bring it back to Mirabel in order to finish the quest!

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