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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Change Roles of Your Villagers

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Change Roles of Your Villagers

To complement the magical and comfy atmosphere of Disney Dreamlight Valley, developers also gave players the opportunity to hang out with other villagers.

As you take a break from doing quests, you can actually do other activities and ask your villager friends to accompany you.

Doing this can actually increase the rate and product of the activity, especially with the right roles. That said, you also have the ability to change the roles of your villagers, and we’re going to show you how in this guide.

Changing Villager Roles

Changing Villager Roles

After unlocking the villagers, they won’t just act as your neighbors but also as friends who can accompany you in doing some activities.

There are five different roles that you can choose to assign your newly unlocked villagers. These are as follows:

  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Foraging
  • Digging

Assigning a role to a villager will boost the production rate of a specific activity. Besides, the recent update now lets you change a villager’s role!

Changing Villager Roles 1

Source: GosuNoob

To change the role of your villagers, you must first craft the Role Training Manual specific to the role you want them to learn.

Simply go to Scrooge McDuck’s Store to craft whatever manual you need.

Just keep in mind that each manual has different requirements for crafting. Here are all the manuals along with their requirements.

  • Gardening Training Manual – 40 Corn, 60 Tomato, 20 Carrot + 500 Dreamlight
  • Fishing Training Manual – 2 Swordfish, 5 Bream, 10 Herring + 500 Dreamlight
  • Mining Training Manual – 2 Topaz, 2 Aquamarine, 2 Peridot + 500 Dreamlight
  • Foraging Training Manual – 30 Banana, 20 Blueberry, 10 Basil + 500 Dreamlight
  • Digging Training Manual – 20 Pebbles, 20 Sand, 30 Soil + 500 Dreamlight
Changing Villager Roles 2

Source: GosuNoob

Once you have the manual, find the villager that you want to change the role of and talk to them. Choose I have something to give you, and then hand over the Role Training Manual.

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