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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Taste of Home Quest Guide

Let this good tasting take your friendship to the next level.




Disney Dreamlight Valley A Taste of Home Quest Guide

A Festival of Friendship is the current theme of the recent Disney Dreamlight Valley update. Here, you will not only celebrate friendships but will also welcome new ones.

By that, we mean new characters that will join you in the valley. These are Mirabel from Encanto and Olaf from Frozen.

As you start the friendship, this will also begin a new set of quest lines. One of these is A Taste of Home, and this guide will show you how to complete it.

Completing A Taste of Home Quest

How to Complete A Taste of Home Quest

Source: Quick Tips

A Taste of Home is the second Friendship Quest chain after the Healing House. You can only unlock this quest by reaching friendship level 4 between you and Mirabel.

The first thing you have to do is bring Remy a plate full of Mirable’s favorite snack, Buñuelos. But the main objective of this quest is for you to make another plate of Buñuelo.

However, Mirabel does not have any idea what the last ingredient is.

Here, you have to experiment by adding different ingredients with the given ingredients which are egg, milk, and wheat. Once you have already guessed it right, you then have to share the goods with the other villagers.

The Mystery Ingredient

The Mystery Ingredient

Source: Quick Tips

Even though you have to guess the last ingredients, Mirabel will still give you a clue of what item it may be. She will tell you that the food item can be found on the shelves of the restaurant.

To make it sure, you can get one of each ingredient from Remy’s Restaurant and try using them one by one until you get the Buñuelo.

The Mystery Ingredient 1

Source: Quick Tips

But since we are here to help you save money and time, we will immediately tell you that the mystery ingredient is cheese!

The egg, milk, and cheese can be all purchased from Remy’s Restaurant. On the other hand, you can buy either wheat itself or the seed from Goofy’s Stall.

The Mystery Ingredient 2

Now that you already know all the ingredients, you should make three more to distribute to some of the villagers.

Share the Buñuelos

Share the Bunuelos

After you make three more Buñuelos, go out of the restaurant and look for Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Goofy to give them one Buñuelo each.

After that, you can then go back to Mirabel to complete the quest.

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