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Disgaea 7: Weapon Skills System Guide

Learn how the weapon skills system works in the game.

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Disgaea 7 Weapon Skills System Guide

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless is the seventh installment of the famous Disgaea series. This action-adventure RPG contains various features that will bring out the master strategist in you.

Specifically, it has a weapon skills system that takes quite some time to understand, especially for newcomers to the franchise.

In this guide, we’ll teach you the important things you need to know about Disgaea 7’s weapon skill system.

How the Weapon Skills System Works

There are four features you need to know so you can know exactly what to do with your weapon skills. They’re as follows:

Character Level

Character Level

Source: : Primalliquid

Similar to many other RPG Games, each class has its own unique set of skills that they can acquire the more they level up.

In this game, classes no longer gain weapon skills when leveling up. For example, you can have gun weapon skills on any human character now, compared to only being restricted to the gunner class.

One thing to note is that even though there are male and female versions of the same class, they will not have the exact same skills.

Using Weapons

Using Weapons

Source: : Primalliquid

The more you use a specific weapon, the more you can unlock skills that go with it. You can unlock skills by using them; this applies to most weapons types with the exception of the staff.

So far in the demo, the levels where you can unlock new skills are at levels 5 and 15. Moreover, these skills can be learned across any human character.

Chara World/Character World

Character World

Source: : Primalliquid

The third way to get weapon skills in this game is through the Character World. Since the game is still a demo, it’s likely that the Character World will be fully fleshed out upon release.

In the previous titles, you could get additional skills that are quite powerful by visiting the Character World.

Equipping Weapons

Equipping Weapons

Source: : Primalliquid

Now, you can unlock more skins by equipping weapons. There are some weapons in the game that come with their own unique skills.

You can do this by observing the Properties of the weapons you have in your characters. Once you see that there’s a skill tied to that specific weapon, equip it so you can try out its new skill.

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