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Disgaea 7: How to Unlock Carnage Mode

Get started with carnage mode right away with this guide!




Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode

Disgaea 7 is a recent addition to the long-spanning Disgaea franchise. This time, the game tells the tale of three characters roaming the land looking for a powerful set of weapons so they can defeat the evil that rules their land.

If you have played previous entries in the franchise, you know the games usually pack bonus features and extra modes.

In this guide, we’ll explain to new players how to unlock the popular game mode “Carnage”.

How to Unlock Carnage Mode

How to Unlock Carnage Mode

Source: Primalliquid

The first step you must take to unlock the Carnage mode is to finish the main game, including the bonus stages.

Once you have completed the bonus stages, you will be granted access to 4 quests.

At the Quest shop, you’ll find a list containing the quests and the rewards each quest gives. Pay attention to 4 quests that reward 50 CP each.

How to Complete the Quests

How to Complete the Quests

Source: Primalliquid

Since the game is in Japanese, this is the big clue we are looking for to unlock Carnage mode. Here are the requirements for the quests:

  1. Obtain the “Hospital” reward from the “Gatcha Machine”. Since you are in the late game, you should have enough money to get the reward.
  2. Defeat the Item God (get any item to level 30 and kill the Item God).
  3. Return to World 5 when you can travel back to visit worlds and speak to the Demon Shogi NPC. Select the last option in the dialogue box and complete the quest.
  4. Explore the 4th world. Speak to the NPC shown in the image above and enter the tournament and win it. Make sure to use powerful units.

After finishing all the steps mentioned above, you will get the NPC for Carnage Mode on your Homeworld. Simply interact with that NPC and switch to Carnage Mode.

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