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Diablo 4: Which Class is Best for You | Class Guide

Can’t decide which class to pick? Let us help you choose!




Diablo 4 Which Class is Best for You Class Guide

Diablo 4 will feature 5 different classes from the start. These all fit a variety of playstyles, such as the brawling Barbarian and the spell-slinging Sorcerer.

With such an array of options, it might be hard to decide which class to start as. To help you make a choice, we’ll give you a breakdown of each class in the game!

Which Class is Best for You in Diablo 4

Which Class is Best for You in Diablo 4
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

As said previously, there are 5 classes to choose from in Diablo 4. These are the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Druid, and Necromancer.

Now, let’s dive into each one of them and what their playstyles are like!


Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The Barbarian is all about getting up close and personal using a wide variety of weapons to dish out heavy physical damage to your foes!

They have a unique class mechanic called the Arsenal System that allows the Barbarian to switch between 4 different weapons at any given moment. You can even assign certain weapons to specific skills!

You can have different weapons ready for every situation and swap between them on the fly.

This class excels at devastating mobs, but they lack ranged options. On top of that, they are a bit lacking at single-target damage.

Nonetheless, this is the class for you if you want an aggressive, melee-focused playstyle.


Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The Sorcerer is the polar opposite of the Barbarian. This class excels by staying out of range and casting powerful spells.

Its unique class mechanic is the Enchantment System. This allows Sorcerers to equip active skills as passives, granting strong buffs. However, they won’t be able to use the active skill temporarily.

To make up for their amazing crowd control abilities and powerful magic attacks, Sorcerers have pretty low defense and HP overall. However, a good Sorcerer can remedy that with proper Defensive Skill usage!

That said, this class is best suited for those who thrive in high-risk, high-reward scenarios. If you can work around their lacking defense, you will be annihilating your foes with ease.



The Rogue is a well-rounded class that’s focused on mobility. It has access to melee weapons like daggers and swords but can also use ranged weapons such as bows.

This works great with their many mobility options, which allows the Rogue to swiftly reposition itself anytime.

This class’s mechanic is the Talent Specialization system which is divided into Combo Points, Inner Sight, and Preparation. However, we don’t yet know what Preparation does as it hasn’t been shown off yet.

You earn Combo Points by using your basic attacks. You can then use them to gain various effects, basically cashing them out for buffs.

Meanwhile, Inner Sight will instead fill a gauge when you strike Marked foes. When the gauge is filled, you will get unlimited Energy for a few seconds.

That said, the Rogue is a solid jack-of-all-trades class. Its high versatility allows it to do a bit of everything. On top of that, its speed and mobility also make it easy to stay out of trouble.



The Druids are warriors who use the forces of nature against their foes. Lightning, Earth, and Wind are all at their command!

This class has solid melee and ranged options, with a variety of powerful physical attacks and spells. On top of that, it has access to the Crushing Blow mechanic. Every Earth attack you do has a chance to trigger a Crushing Blow.

This deals extra damage based on your enemy’s total HP!

Another trick up the Druid’s sleeve is the shapeshifting ability. Using some of their skills, Druids can transform into different beasts such as Werewolves and Werebears.

Lastly, they have access to Companions! This might be particularly helpful for solo players as it will allow them to have creatures such as wolves and ravens as allies.



The Necromancer is our final class that can raise the dead to do their bidding, allowing them to have hordes of walking dead as allies.

When taking down enemies, Necromancers will leave corpses in their wake. They can use these corpses in a variety of ways, such as by turning them into skeletons or making them explode!

Necromancer 1

Besides that, Necromancers also have access to Blood skills. This effectively makes them double as a vampire, allowing them to drink their enemies’ blood to take their health and strength.

Their unique class mechanic is the Book of the Dead. This allows you to customize your minions, such as specializing them as warriors or mages. It also lets you sacrifice them to power yourself up!

This is a fantastic class to pick if you wish to have an army of your own.

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