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Destiny 2: All Hidden Chests in Operation Seraph’s | Shield Location Guide

This guide will help you hunt all of the chests in Operation Seraph.




Destiny 2 All Hidden Chests in Operation Seraphs Shield Location Guide

Destiny 2 is Bungie’s long-running live service game that has you and your friends battling against hordes of aliens. Though the series’ future is unclear since PlayStation acquired Bungie, a large community still plays the game.

The game has maintained its community thanks to numerous updates and expansions that expand on what was originally offered.

There is one challenge that is vexing some players: Operation Seraph. For this challenge, you must find all of the hidden chests which contain shields.

Finding them isn’t as easy as stumbling across them while playing. In fact, some steps must be taken to find these chests, which is why many are struggling to locate them.

If you are hunting for the chests, here is a quick guide to help you out!

Find the Drones

Find the Drones

Source: 360GameTV

To find the chests, you must first shoot drones within the level in a particular order. The drones can appear anywhere on the level, so be vigilant.

To find out which order to shoot them in, you must use your scanner buff and shoot them in the order of the yellow glow. The one that is glowing yellow is to be shot first. Each subsequent drone that must be shot will glow yellow.

If done correctly, a message will appear saying, ‘Drones: Disabled // Security Door: Opened (Warsat Command Nexus).’

Go to the Room with the Two Shriekers

Go to the Room with the Two Shriekers

Source: 360GameTV

After you have unlocked the doors, go to the room with the two Shriekers. You can then find the chest at the back of the room in a small tunnel that was once closed off.

Go to the Final Room

Go to the Final Room

Source: 360GameTV

Proceed to the final room. You will find the chest in a door that was once closed off to the back-right of the room. You have now completed the challenge!

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