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Deliver Us Mars: Top Things You Should Know

Some of the most important things to know about this sci-fi adventure.




Deliver Us Mars Top Things You Should Know

Deliver Us Mars is the sequel to 2019’s Deliver Us The Moon. Featuring a new setting and characters, this narrative-heavy game explores more of the world established in the first game.

However, there are some important things that players should know.

We’ll cover how the game manages to set itself apart from its predecessor as well as what makes it unique.

Top Things You Should Know about Deliver Us Mars

While many things could be said about Deliver Us Mars, we’ll go over a few key points. These points primarily cover how the game relates to its prequel, Deliver Us The Moon.

Also, keep in mind that these points aren’t in any particular order.

It Can Be Enjoyed Without Deliver Us The Moon

It Can Be Enjoyed Without Deliver Us The Moon

Source: Deliver Us Mars on Steam

While it’s true that Deliver Us Mars is a sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, the game’s story isn’t a straight-up sequel. In fact, it even features a new protagonist as you take on the role of Kathy Johanson.

The game does take place 10 years after the previous game and features callbacks, references and possibly even returning characters but ultimately doesn’t lean too heavily on its prequel’s story.

So while Deliver Us Mars does continue the story of Deliver Us The Moon, it also is detached enough that new players can jump right into this game without knowledge of the prequel.

More Puzzle Diversity Than The Prequel

More Puzzle Diversity Than The Prequel

Deliver Us The Moon was criticized for its repetitive and easy puzzles, and the developers have listened to that feedback.

In Deliver Us Mars, the developers promised more engaging and varied puzzle gameplay.

This should prevent the repetitiveness of the previous game as well as give more challenge to those who like a good brain teaser.

Environmental Diversity

Environmental Diversity

Deliver Us Mars features more environmental diversity than Deliver Us The Moon, with bigger varieties of space stations and even some freezing biomes.

In fact, the game doesn’t only take place on Mars, as there are also sequences that take place back on Earth.

Moreover, each environment packs its unique host of challenges and expectations in gameplay, such as differences in gravity and more.

Players will have to adapt to the changes to overcome the challenges they face.

Unique Climbing Mechanics

Unique Climbing Mechanics

The climbing mechanics in Deliver Us Mars are unique as they try to be more challenging and immersive than in most games.

Instead of just having your character crawl on climbable surfaces by themselves, you’ll have to use both sticks and triggers on your controllers to manually control each arm.

Making sure to maintain your grip with one arm while moving the other will be crucial to avoid death.

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