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Deliver Us Mars: The Gang Chapter 5 Trophy Guide

Find a hidden easter egg and get this tricky trophy!




Deliver Us Mars The Gang Chapter 5 Trophy Guide

Deliver Us Mars is a fairly linear narrative experience, but it doesn’t shy away from tucking secrets in various corners.

One such secret is the target of the “The Gang” trophy which is available during Chapter 5 of the game.

Players have to solve an optional puzzle to find a hidden photograph to get this trophy.

Since it’s easy to miss this trophy, let us guide you through every step of the way.

How to Get “The Gang” Trophy in Chapter 5 of Deliver Us Mars

How to Get The Gang Trophy in Chapter 5 of Deliver Us Mars

Source: LunarGaming Guide

To unlock the “The Gang” trophy in Deliver Us Mars, you need to get to the pharmacy in Chapter 5. The secret leading to the trophy becomes available as soon as the pharmacy is open.

As part of the puzzle to open the pharmacy, you have to use a splitter to project a beam. You can also find another splitter after opening the pharmacy.

You’ll need to take both of these splitters and bring them down to the jail cells.

When you get to the jail level, you’ll notice one of the cells has some furniture against the bars. Set the first splitter here, aiming toward the proper spot.

Now, bring the second splitter and set it at the opposite end of the hall where the first splitter is. It should be facing the first splitter and the laser should turn green to show that they’re connected.

How to Get The Gang Trophy in Chapter 5 of Deliver Us Mars 1

Enter the room next to the second splitter and cut the trapdoor on the floor to make a machine pop out. Aim this machine towards the nearby splitter and connect the beam.

If the splitter isn’t visible from inside the room, just go out of the room and reposition it until it’s in a good spot. Remember to keep it aimed toward the other splitter, though.

When the beam is connected, the jail cell with the furniture against the bars should open up. Head in and crawl through the hole in the left wall.

How to Get The Gang Trophy in Chapter 5 of Deliver Us Mars 2

You’ll enter a room with writing on the walls and a picture on a bench. Grab the picture which is simply titled “The Gang”. The trophy should pop as you’re looking at the picture.

As a little note, this trophy doubles as an easter egg. The people in the picture appear to be the developers of the game, KeokeN Interactive!

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