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Deliver Us Mars: How to Fix MPT Dish in Chapter 1

Complete this early game objective with the help of this short guide.




Deliver Us Mars How to Fix MPT Dish in Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars tasks you with fixing an MPT Dish. This plays out like a puzzle where you need to connect beams to the proper spot to power it up.

If you want the solution to this little puzzle, this guide will help you out.

How to Fix MPT Dish in Chapter 1 of Deliver Us Mars

As soon as you get the objective, you’ll get 2 objective markers. Head to the same level where those markers are.

Look for a closed window with a large blue circle visible through it. Cut the bottom locks to open up the window.

How to Fix MPT Dish in Chapter 1 of Deliver Us Mars

Source: crizzonet

After that, head inside the room with the window you just opened. Look at the floor to find a trapdoor locked by another set of yellow locks. Cut these locks to make a machine pop up.

Now, grab the laser machine and aim it toward the room right in front of the one you’re in. You’ll notice a white circular marker with an electricity symbol. Aim right below it to power up the other room and open the door.

How to Fix MPT Dish in Chapter 1 of Deliver Us Mars 1

Source: crizzonet

Head to the room that you just opened up. You’ll find another laser machine just like the one you just used. Grab it and aim it toward the diamond-shaped marker that’s opposite the room.

When properly aimed, press R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox) to connect the beam.

Finally, head back to the room with the first laser machine. Just like with the previous laser, aim toward the diamond-shaped marker opposite the room and connect the beam again.

The MPT Dish should now be fixed, completing the objective and allowing you to continue the game.

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