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Deliver Us Mars: How to Conduct an EVA to Fix the Thruster

Fix the thruster by running a diagnosis outside of your ship.




Deliver Us Mars How to Conduct an EVA to Fix the Thruster

Deliver Us Mars is a real-life simulation of how it is to be a spaceman trying to recover the colony ship in space which was stolen by an unknown and mysterious Outward.

As you journey through this game, you will need to solve puzzles and observe a lot. As part of your journey, you will not only be spending time inside ships and containers but also in spaceships.

In fact, one of the tasks that you will have to do is to fix your ship’s thruster while on your way. This guide will show you how.

How to Conduct EVA to Fix the Thruster in Deliver Us Mars

How to Conduct EVA to Fix the Thruster in Deliver Us Mars

Source: Trophy Tom

Conducting an EVA or extravehicular activity is not just common in land vehicles but also in space. This is because spaceships are more prone to receiving damage from all the rocks that are moving in space.

To do this, you need to get out of your vehicle and explore the outside of the ship. After you leave the ship, look for the thrusters of your ship to start the mission.

Locate the Damaged Thruster

Locate the Damaged Thruster

Source: Trophy Tom

Once you leave the ship, go to the back part and report to your pilot about the damaged part. After finding it, you must investigate each part of the thruster if they are still working well.

There are five things that you have to spot in the thruster. The first one that you should report is the debris stuck in the thruster.

Locate the Damaged Thruster 1

Source: Trophy Tom

After that is the plating, followed by the pipe, then the power. The last one will be the fuel canister. In order to report to your pilot, you simply need to press the Square button.

Turn the Power Off

Turn the Power Off

Source: Trophy Tom

Once you have already spotted all the vital parts of the thruster, you have to head to the power and turn this off. Open this small door, and pull the lever below.

While the power is off, use your laser by pressing the R2 button to cut the marked pipes and parts to remove the debris.

The parts that you need need to remove will be highlighted.

Turn the Power On

Turn the Power On

Once you’re done, you then have to restart the power. Open this small door again. However, it won’t be as easy as turning it off.

The first thing you need to do is turn the knobs with red colors then pull the lever after.

Next, you will have to flip all those five switches below in this exact order: 2, 4, 5, 1, 3. Lastly, pull the last lever, and go back inside the ship.

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