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Deliver Us Mars – Find Another Way Into the Quarters – Find Ace MPT Puzzle Solution

Don’t dally in your mission to rescue the red planet!




Deliver Us Mars Find Another Way Into the Quarters Find Ace MPT Puzzle Solution

Deliver Us Mars transports players to the hostile terrain of our neighbor planet.

As you can guess, this venture will be packed with many hardships, so be prepared to spend some time wandering around the red planet solving puzzles.

At some point during Chapter 7, one of your fellow units, Ace, will escape the area through a door and you will be tasked to follow him.  

We have crafted this guide to tell players exactly how to open that door and complete the objective.

Following Ace Through the Door

Following Ace Through the Door

Source: Trophy Tom

After Ace exits through the door, you need to cut open the floor panel that is shown in the image above. Cutting the panel will provide the player with an MPT emitter, a turret that emits a light beam.

Aim the beam across the map to a “splitter” (a transparent thing that refracts your beam), and the beam will be re-directed to the door Ace crossed. However, it’s too strong, so we need to reduce its power output.

Following Ace Through the Door 1

Source: Trophy Tom

You must now go to the room with the splitter.

Once in there, AYLA must go through an aperture. She must carefully move the splitter away from the emitter so that the beam refracts and goes past the resistor in the adjacent room.

When the step is done correctly, the side door will open and you can send KAT to get the resistor.

Move the resistor in front of the emitter and send it to the panel on the second floor. Send AYLA to get the second resistor, the door will now open, and you can get back to KAT.

Following Ace Through the Door 2

Source: Trophy Tom

All you need to do now is to align the resistors in front of the locked door and fire the MPT at the splitter. If done correctly, the door will be unlocked and you will be able to proceed with the remainder of the chapter.

Remember that the gimmick of this puzzle is to reduce the firepower of the MPT.

To accomplish this, you must align resistors in front of the beam.

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