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Deliver Us Mars: All Collectibles Location in Chapter 1

Find all of the collectibles before you continue on to the next chapter.

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Deliver Us Mars All Collectibles Location in Chapter 1

There are tons of Collectibles all throughout each Chapter in Deliver Us Mars. They can be a Point of Interest, a Comic, a hidden achievement, and many more.

Moreover, you can receive a trophy if you get all of the collectibles. If that’s what you’re after, then we’ll help you locate the locations of all the collectibles in Chapter 1.

All Collectibles Location in Chapter 1

All Collectibles Location in Chapter 1

Source: Trophy Tom

You can only obtain a Collectible for the first time; after that, it will not appear even if you replay the Chapters.

However, you can check them in the Collectible section on your Astrotool menu.

You can find one Comic, one hidden trophy, and three Points of Interest in Chapter 1. We will also include the location for a Collectible in the Prologue.

Prologue – Comic

Prologue Comic

Source: Trophy Tom

After watching the opening cutscene and having control of the main character, Kathy, turn to the left to find a Moonman Bundle Volume 1 Comic on top of a table.

Chapter 1 – Trophy

Chapter 1 – Trophy

Source: Trophy Tom

After fixing the MPT Dish, your next objective will be to hop in the car with Ryan to go to the WSA Headquarters.

Go outside, talk to Ryan, and do not ride the car immediately after talking to him. Wait for 5 minutes before you interact with the rear of the vehicle.

If you do this, you will obtain the Bronze trophy, “Who Waits Five Minutes, Seriously.”

Chapter 1 – Comic

Chapter 1 – Comic

Source: Trophy Tom

Upon arriving at the WSA Headquarters, do not go inside the building. Instead, head to the left until you find a set of 3 tables and benches.

You will find the Comic Moonman bundle Volume 2 at the third table on the right.

Chapter 1 – Point of Interest 1

Chapter 1 Point of Interest 1

Your first Point of Interest is still outside the WSA Headquarters building. From the location of the Comic, turn around and ascend the stairs to find the WSA Globe.

Scan the WSA Globe to register your first Point of Interest and get the Bronze trophy, “Better jot that down.”

Chapter 1 – Point of Interest 2

Chapter 1 Point of Interest 2

Inside the WSA museum, you will find Rolf’s Space Suit before you go and eavesdrop on the meeting.

Scan it; it will count as two Collectibles in the Astrotool menu.

Chapter 1 – Point of Interest 3

Chapter 1 Point of Interest 3

Before you board the spaceship, Zephyr, go to the left of the elevator. In a blue suitcase, you will find the last Point of Interest in Chapter 1, the Mission Gear.

Make sure you scan it before you proceed to board the Zephyr.

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