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Dead Space Remake: Where to Follow Nicole’s Hologram | Scientific Methods Guide

Let us guide you through one of the side missions involving Nicole’s hologram.




Dead Space Remake Where to Follow Nicoles Hologram Scientific Methods Guide

In Dead Space Remake, there’s a new set of side missions that players can complete, one of which is Scientific Methods.

This side mission has players retracing Nicole’s steps as they follow her hologram through the game’s campaign.

Let’s dive into the horrors of Dead Space Remake as we go over how to complete this mission in this guide.

Where to Follow Nicole’s Hologram in Dead Space Remake

Where to Follow Nicoles Hologram in Dead Space Remake

This side mission is available as early as Chapter 2 and will have Isaac retracing the steps of Nicole Brennan.

At one point in this chapter, you’ll have to go through a Changing Room. To start this side mission, look for a door that reads “Dr. N. Brennan” as you make your way to the Changing Room.

You’ll see an audio log; pick it up to start the side mission.

The first step of this side mission sends the player to investigate the Emergency Room as shown on the map below.

Where to Follow Nicoles Hologram in Dead Space Remake 1

When you head there, you’ll see a holographic projection. This projection shows Nicole operating on a patient and explaining the gravity of the situation to an unseen person.

When the patient starts convulsing, Nicole leaves and Isaac gets another task.

This is the exact point where you are specifically tasked to follow Nicole’s hologram. As you can notice, Nicole’s hologram apparently runs into a wall.

The map, however, shows an inaccessible secret room.

How to Gain Access to the Room

To access this secret room, operate the nearby circuit breaker.

How to Gain Access to the Room

First, turn off the lights. This lets you reroute power to the shower, so you can now turn on the shower’s breaker.

After you dealt with the circuit board, look towards your left. You’ll now notice a closed door on the wall. Use your Telekinesis to pull it towards the left, opening it.

Enter the room and find an audio log left behind by Nicole. Listen to it and when it’s finished, you’ll be given a new task: find autopsy location in Engineering.

This part can’t be completed until later in Chapter 3, however.

Chapter 3: Engineering

This part of the side-mission is very straightforward. You simply need to enter the calibration room when you finally get to go Engineering during Chapter 3.

It’s easy to locate in your map if you’re tracking the side mission.

When you enter the room, you’ll see another holographic projection of Nicole. After watching the events play out, you’ll be tasked with finding Kyne’s mining deck hideout. This is done on Chapter 7 of the game.

Chapter 7: Find Kyne’s Mining Deck Hideout

This step is done after you take the mining elevator down to Deck D: Maintenance. Locate the Equipment Supply room, as shown on the map.

Chapter 7 Find Kynes Mining Deck Hideout

There are some enemies in this corridor with a circuit board at the end. Just like before, you’ll want to reroute the power, this time to Storage 02.

When you enter the Storage 02 room, you’ll find a log on the floor. Pick it up and listen to it.

Afterwards, you’ll get your last objective for the side mission: investigate Mercer’s quarters. This is available on Chapter 10 of the game.

Chapter 10: Investigate Mercer’s Quarters

Chapter 10 Investigate Mercers Quarters

Progress the story normally up until you have to the Deluxe Quarters to break the second tendril. At this point, go inside the Guest Consultant’s Suites.

After a conversation, go inside the back room and interact with the terminal to get the last log. This will make a final holographic projection play which will finish the Scientific Methods side mission.

This also unlocks the “Whole Again” silver trophy (PS5) or achievement (PC or Xbox).

Note that this side mission can be completed in Chapter 11 before you leave the USG Ishimura, so you don’t need to do every step as soon as possible.

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