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Dead Space Remake: Where to Find the Admin RIG

Head over to the Mineral Processing Control room to obtain the Admin RIG.

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Dead Space Remake Where to Find the Admin RIG

There are tons of objectives that you must do to complete a chapter in Dead Space Remake. It mostly involves either activating the Centrifuge or solving a puzzle.

In Chapter 7, Into the Void, your task is to find the Admin RIG, and we will show you where it is.

Where to Find the Admin RIG

Where to Find the Admin RIG

Source: Gamerpillar

Upon obtaining the objective, leave the room and then take the left path. Ride the cargo lift, then go right to reach the elevator.

Where to Find the Admin RIG 1

Source: Gamerpillar

Go to the elevator and select Deck-B Processing. Get out of the elevator then proceed to the right.

Where to Find the Admin RIG 2

Source: Gamerpillar

Use Kinesis to remove the boxes blocking your way, then go to the right. You will encounter an enemy in the following area, so stay cautious.

Where to Find the Admin RIG 3

Source: Gamerpillar

Continue the path until you reach the Mineral Processing Area. Once inside, find a hole in the wall that will lead you to the next room.

Use your thrusters, then go to the Gravity Control Console; you will find that you need to restore gravity to unlock the Mining Processing Control Room.

To do that, you need to destroy all of the anomalies. Destroy 4 debris or anomalies floating around using Kinesis, then throw them toward the processing beam at the center of the room.

Where to Find the Admin RIG 4

Return to the Gravity Control console, then activate it to restore gravity. Defeat the remaining enemies, then enter the Mining Processing Control Room to obtain the Admin RIG.

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