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Dead Space Remake: Where to Find Shock Pad Guide | Chapter 2

Let’s go over every step required to complete this objective.




Dead Space Remake How to Find the Hydrazine Tank Mission Guide

As part of Chapter 2 of Dead Space Remake, you will have to complete a pair of objectives to destroy a barricade.

One of these is to Find the shock pad while another one is to find the hydrazine tank.

In this guide, we’re going to find out where you can locate the shock pad.

Where to Find Shock Pad

“Find the Shock Pad” is one of the two objectives that you get right after the “Retrieve the Captain’s RIG” objective. The other objective you get at the same time is to “Find a Hydrazine Tank”.

Where to Find Shock Pad

The first thing you want to do is to head towards the Security Station. As soon as you enter the room, you’ll want to turn right and head through a door leading to the Research Wing.

After entering the previous door, walk through the short corridor to stumble upon a broken door that keeps opening and closing on its own.

Use your Stasis ability to stop it and be able to pass through. Keep walking to reach the Main Lab.

Where to Find Shock Pad 1

In the Main Lab, alarms will go off and the room will be locked down and quarantined. Necromorphs will attack Isaac, so dispose of them however you see fit.

Once the last necromorph is dead, the lockdown will clear.

Find a door in the northeastern section of the room labeled as Main Lab Changing Room and head in.

Keep moving through the only path available until a short scene with a scientist plays. After the scene, head into the Biological Prosthetics Center and take the elevator right in front of you.

Where to Find Shock Pad 2

In this room, you’ll face a new enemy type that can crawl on the ceiling and walls. You’d want to cut off its limbs with your weapon is the easiest way to take them out.

After taking care of enemies, head towards the Limb Stimulation Therapy room. You’ll see a man on an operating table being shocked.

Where to Find Shock Pad 3

Use the circuit breaker on your left. Redirect the power to the doors to disable the shocks. Now you can grab the Shock Pad from the operating table and complete the objective.

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