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Dead Space Remake: Ultimate Trophy Guide

Here’s how you can unlock all of the Trophies in the game.

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Dead Space Remake Ultimate Trophy Guide 1

The release date for the remake of the classic sci-fi horror game, Dead Space, is getting closer.

As you jump right back into another trip to the Ishimura, you will not only encounter extraterrestrial beings, but you can also obtain trophies as you play the game.

Some can be tricky while others can be as easy as completing a chapter. If you’re a completionist, here’s a list of all the trophies in the game and how to get them.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List

Dead Space Remake Trophy List
Source: Dead Space

There are a total of 48 Trophies to collect in Dead Space Remake. Some of them are similar to the original PS3 trophy list.

These Trophies are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bronze Trophies

Bronze Trophies 1
Source: PlayStation

There are 35 Bronze Trophies, and here’s how you can obtain all of them:

TrophyHow to Obtain
Welcome AboardClear Chapter 1 on any difficulty.
Lab RatClear Chapter 2 on any difficulty.
All Systems GoClear Chapter 3 on any difficulty.
Cannon FodderClear Chapter 4 on any difficulty.
True BelieverClear Chapter 5 on any difficulty.
Greenhouse EffectClear Chapter 6 on any difficulty.
S.O.SClear Chapter 7 on any difficulty.
Strange TransmissionsClear Chapter 8 on any difficulty.
WreckageClear Chapter 9 on any difficulty.
Keeper of the FaithClear Chapter 10 on any difficulty.
BetrayedClear Chapter 11 on any difficulty.
Full ArsenalObtain every weapon in the game.
AutofireKill 30 enemies using the Pulse Rifle.
Live with the Hot OnesKill 30 enemies using the Flamethrower.
A Cut AboveKill 30 enemies using the Ripper.
PusherKill 30 enemies using the Force Gun.
EvisceratorKill 30 enemies using the Line Gun.
Full ContactKill 30 enemies using the Contact Beam.
Pack RatPut 25 items in Storage.
Story TellerGet 75 Logs.
Legend TellerGet 150 Logs.
MerchantGet all Schematics.
MarksmanCut off 50 limbs.
SurgeonCut off 500 Limbs
WishboneUse Kinesis to Rip off a dangling limb.
Raise the StakesHold down an enemy.
FreezeUse the Stasis Module on 50 enemies
BackbreakerUse a stomp attack to kill 10 enemies
Front Toward EnemyGet through the shooting gallery.
There’s Always Peng!Locate the Peng Treasure.
Brute ForceDefeat a Brute.
ExterminatorDefeat the Leviathan.
Get Off My Ship!Defeat the Leviathan Remnant.
Mindless PreyDefeat the Hive Mind.
MarkedGet a Marker fragment for the first time.

Silver Trophies

Silver Trophies 1
Source: PlayStation

There are 10 Silver Trophies. Here’s how to obtain them all:

TrophyHow to Obtain
ExodusClear Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.
Final RegenerationLearn about the Hunter’s origins.
Whole AgainFollow Nicole’s investigation.
Set a BenchmarkClear the game on Medium difficulty or above.
Trusted ContractorClear New Game Plus on any difficulty mode.
Built To OrderEquip every weapon upgrade.
One GunFinish the game while only using the Plasma Cutter.
Z-BallerClear Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
Full ClearanceMake the Master Security Override.
ReunionExperience the alternative ending on any difficulty mode.

Gold Trophies

Gold Trophies
Source: PlayStation

There are only 2 Gold Trophies for the game, and these are, Untouchable and Maxed Out.

The former can be obtained by completing the game in Impossible Mode. While the latter can be obtained by fully upgrading all weapons and equipment.

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy
Source: PlayStation

It is straightforward how to obtain the Platinum Trophy, Concordance Officer. You must collect all of the Trophies to obtain the final trophy.

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