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Dead Space Remake: How to Upgrade Inventory Space

Upgrade your inventory space and carry as many items as possible.

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Dead Space Remake How to Upgrade Inventory Space

Dead Space Remake lets you carry tons of items in your inventory. It can be ammo for your weapons, healing items, Stasis packs, and many more.

However, after some time, your current inventory space can get a bit too small. Luckily, as you progress through the game, you can upgrade Isaac’s inventory space.

We’ll show you how to do it in this guide.

How to Upgrade Inventory Space

How to Upgrade Inventory Space

Source: FP Good Game

At the beginning of the game, you only have 12 slots which isn’t enough for all of your ammo, resources, healing items, and many more.

To upgrade your inventory space, you must buy a suit upgrade in the shop. This will also increase your suit’s armor at the same time.

Below are the locations where you can buy the upgrades, how much they cost, and the effects they have:

Level 2 Suit

How to Upgrade Inventory Space 1

Source: FP Good Game

  • Location – Any Store

  • Cost – 10,000 Credits

  • Inventory – 18 slots

  • Armor – 5%

Level 3 Suit
  • Location – EVA Prep Room, Chapter 3

  • Cost – 20,000 Credits

  • Inventory – 22 slots

  • Armor – 10%

Level 4 Suit
  • Location – Equipment Workshop, Chapter 7

  • Cost – 35,000 Credits

  • Inventory – 26 slots

  • Armor – 15%

Level 5 Suit
  • Location – Locker Room in the Crew Quarters, Chapter 10

  • Cost – 60,000 Credits

  • Inventory – 30 slots

  • Armor – 20%

Level 6 Suit
  • Location – Any Store in New Game Plus

  • Cost – 99,000 Credits

  • Inventory – 30 slots

  • Armor – 30%

How to Upgrade Inventory Space 2

Source: FP Good Game

The last upgrade for the suit, Level 6, can only be obtained in New Game Plus, so you have to finish the game before you can buy it.

If your inventory is full, you can go to the shop to sell the items you do not need or drop them on the ground.

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