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Dead Space Remake: How to Unlock “Front Toward Enemy” Trophy

Make absolutely sure you don’t miss this easily missable Bronze Trophy.




Dead Space Remake How to Unlock Front Toward Enemy Trophy

Dead Space Remake only has two missable trophies, and “Front Toward Enemy” is one of them. As such, completionists will want to make sure they know how to get it so they don’t have to replay the game just to unlock it.

Players who explore more thoroughly might get it naturally, however, as it’s relatively straightforward.

Nonetheless, people who covet the game’s Platinum trophy would do well to read on! This short guide will cover how you can unlock this easily missable trophy.

How to Unlock “Front Toward Enemy” Trophy in Dead Space Remake

This trophy becomes available in Chapter 9. Make sure to obtain it during this chapter as the trophy is missable, as mentioned in the introduction.

If you miss the trophy, you’ll need to replay the game up to this point or load up an older save if you have any.

To start this trophy, you have to locate the shooting range in the USM Valor. Here’s a screenshot of the map screen showing where the range is located.

How to Unlock Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Make sure to save and be prepared before entering the room.

Shortly after you enter, you’ll hear a warning. It takes about 30 seconds or so, so just stand and wait.

Emergency lights will turn on and the warning will mention that an unknown biohazard has been detected. This means the necromorphs are coming for you!

How to Unlock Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake 1

Thankfully, it’s a rather small number of enemies. At this point in the game, you should have no trouble dispatching them. Take them out however you see fit.

Do keep in mind that the room has gone into quarantine, so you can’t get out until you kill the necromorphs.

After you deal with the enemies, the quarantine lock will disengage. The “Front Toward Enemy” trophy should pop up at this point.

You also want to make sure to loot the place after you get the trophy. Some lockers will open to reward you a node and ruby semiconductor for your troubles.

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