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Dead Space Remake: How to Trap Mercer’s Hunter

Learn how to take down the undying Mercer’s Hunter.




Dead Space Remake How to Trap Mercers Hunter

Hunters are dangerous necromorphs encountered in Dead Space.

Their ability to regenerate makes them impossible to kill by traditional means, requiring you to think and use their environment instead of their guns.

The Mercer’s Hunter which you can find in Chapter 5 is the first of these enemies you will face. Their sudden appearance and regenerative abilities might catch you off guard during your first encounter.

Not to fret, as we will tell you everything you need to know about taking down this fearsome enemy.

How to Trap Mercer’s Hunter in Dead Space Remake

How to Trap Mercers Hunter in Dead Space Remake

As previously mentioned, you can encounter Mercer’s Hunter in Chapter 5 of the game. After a conversation with Dr. Mercer, he will leave and a Hunter will appear.

This Hunter is relatively easy to dispose of if you use your environment and powers. +

Just make sure to conserve your ammo, as its regeneration will stop you from killing it traditionally. Make sure to have Stasis available for use.

The middle of the room has a large cryogenic chamber with 4 entrances. Lure the Hunter to it.

While it’s not really necessary, we highly recommended cutting off some of its limbs first. Whether you cut its limbs or not, use Stasis on it to ensure that it stays inside the cryogenic chamber.

How to Trap Mercers Hunter in Dead Space Remake 1

With the Hunter in Stasis, run out of the room towards a door that reads “Cryogenic Chamber Control Room” above it.

Interact with the terminal in the middle of the room, overlooking the room you just came from. This will activate the cryogenic chamber, trapping and freezing the Hunter.

As the cryogenic freeze process completes, you will have gotten rid of the Hunter. Congratulations, you’ve successfully dealt with Mercer’s Hunter!

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